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    How to Extend the Life of Long Press On Nails

    Press on nails are synthetic nails designed to cover your natural nails. When properly placed, they normally last between ten days and two weeks and are available in a huge variety of designs and colors. However, occasionally they might chip or fall off in a matter of days. This is generally brought on by carelessness or incorrect application once the press on nails seem to be in place. Want to maintain your manicure as long as you can? 

    Here is how to extend the lifespan of press on nails!

    Make Use of Premium Long Press On Nails & Glue

    Starting with top-notch supplies will increase the likelihood that your manicure will last longer. A good quality press on the nail should be strong yet flexible enough to be filed to the right size and form. It should also be available in a range of sizes.

    Even if the long press on nails are already lined with adhesive, it is a good idea to add some premium glue to make sure they adhere firmly. Your nails should stay in place for a minimum of two weeks with the help of a good nail adhesive, which dries pretty rapidly and offers sufficient adhesion. In case the press on nails do begin to fall off, you can also utilize this nail adhesive to make any quick fixes.

    Employ the Proper Size

    When purchasing a press on set, it is important that you measure your nails and make absolutely sure you can file it to fit. You will struggle to hold press on nails in place for an extended amount of time if they are too large or too little.

    Select the Shape and Length that is Best for Your Lifestyle

    Consider how often you use your handstand what you perform with them on a daily basis. Long stiletto nails are almost certainly not the best option for you if you frequently wash dishes and will most likely break within a few days of wear. You can almost certainly get away with press on nails that are slightly longer and more tapered if you do not do a lot of manual labor. It all relies on what suits you the best! There are numerous lengths and forms available.

    Prepare Your Cuticles and Hands

    When putting long press on nails, we occasionally have a habit of forgetting about our hands as well as cuticles. Before applying press on nails, it is crucial to hydrate your hands, paying particular attention to your cuticles. By doing this, you can be sure that the press on nails will firmly adhere to your nail bed and last a lot longer. All you need to do is take care of your cuticles and apply cuticle oil or some other type of moisturizer.

    Prepare Your Finger’s Surface

    If you take a little extra care before applying your new manicure, it will last much longer:


    Dehydrate your real nails first, then use acetone or alcohol to remove any oils. To do this, you can either use a container and a cotton round or pre-soaked pads. Dehydrating your real nails will provide the press on nails a spotless surface to adhere to, which will make them adhere longer than if your fingernails were dirty when the press on nails were apply.

    If you would like your press on nails to last for as long as possible, buffing is a crucial step to do. Simply roughen the base of your real nails with a buffing instrument. This will offer your press on nails and nail adhesive something to actually attach on for a long time.

    Prime Coat

    When utilizing nail strips, your nails can also be protect by a top-notch base coat. Between the adhesive and your organic nails, the base coat acts as a smooth, protective barrier, extending the life of your nails and avoiding discoloration. Smitten Prep & Protect Nail Base Coat feeds your nails and cuticles, repairs weak and brittle tips, and encourages healthy growth. It is packed with nurturing vitamins and minerals.


    This is an additional procedure that will aid in the press on nails’ ability to adhere to your real nails and last longer. After you have prepared your nails, let them dry completely before beginning the press on application.

    Apply Your Long Press On Nails Properly

    There is a considerable probability that your press on nails will not stick over time if you do not apply them correctly when you first apply them. Make sure to place a drop or two of adhesive in the center of your natural nails before applying the press on nails at a downward angle. For at least 30 to 60 seconds, apply firm pressure to them to assist them to adhere to your natural nail.

    Include a Topcoat

    To make your nails shine after applying the press on nails, use a high-quality top coat. This process will also increase the press on nails’ lifespan, extending their protection and resulting in a smoother appearance.

    Stay Out of the Water

    It is crucial to keep your press on nails out of any water for a minimum of 24 hours after you apply them. Putting the press on nails in water runs the risk of weakening them and destroying the adhesive bonds, greatly reducing the longevity of your manicure.

    Take the Nails off by Submerging in Warm Water

    Soak your nails in warm water before you decide to trim them. By doing this, the harm to your real nails will be reduce, and you can probably use the press on nails again. Your press on nails set’s total lifespan will be increased as a result.


    In short, it just takes a few minutes to complete the perfect at-home manicure with a long press on nails! This is why pressing on nails is a great option for everyone.

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