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    As Ukraine continues to be devastated by war, humanitarian aid groups are trying to help the country’s pet population. Many organizations have established centers across the country to help save the animals’ lives. These include the Ada pet clinic, Harmony Fund, and UA Animals. These organizations are working to help pets and their owners get back on their feet.


    Thron is a volunteer veterinarian who works in Kyiv and has successfully reunited hundreds of abandoned animals with their owners. He has also been a part of a new program that uses drones to help search for missing people and animals. Thron is planning a third season of the show, and hopes to use the show to help more Ukrainian animals.

    Ada pet clinic

    The ADA Foundation in Ukraine provides emergency care for injured animals. Normally, the foundation helps abandoned animals find a home, but now the priority is providing food and medical attention to evacuated pets from the Ukraine. To date, the clinic has treated over 300 animals from the Lviv region of Ukraine. All of these animals have to be registered and vaccinated. Other pets may need medical treatment for wounds or dehydration.

    Harmony Fund

    The Harmony Fund for Ukraine pets is a wonderful organization that helps save lives by donating food, veterinary supplies, and money. Their mission is to provide food to pets in need while also raising awareness about the dire plight of pets in Ukraine. They work with local Ukrainian organizations to provide these supplies and, when necessary, pay for a tractor trailer and fuel. They also never post graphic photos of suffering animals.

    UA Animals

    UA Animals is an organization in Ukraine that helps animals in need. Founded in 2016, the group was active in rehabilitating animals during the Russian invasion of the country.

    Veterinary clinics in Greece and Hungary

    The Humane Society International has launched a campaign to provide veterinary services to Ukrainian pets in need. The campaign is open to all licensed veterinary clinics in Europe, including private practices and corporate groups. Interested veterinarians can apply by visiting the official website. HSI hopes that the initiative will become an integral part of the collective efforts to care for these animals.

    UA Animals’ contact with the Swedish Board of Agriculture for ukraine pets

    The European Commission has advised member states to ease the red tape for Ukrainian citizens who are traveling with their companion animals. Consequently, a temporary suspension of Regulation (EU) 576/2013 is in place in a number of countries. This means that a person can now enter the EU with their animal without the need for a permit, but they will still need to make contact with a local veterinary authority to arrange any necessary procedures. Once in the country, the veterinary authority will be able to perform routine procedures like quarantine, microchipping, and rabies vaccination. It will be up to the local authority to handle all other veterinary measures.

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