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    7 Things to Consider When Buying Used Tractors in India

    Agriculture is soaring in India, given its huge profit volume. But buying farm machinery can be an overwhelming process, especially when choosing tractors, as they come in all shapes and varieties. You have Mahindra Tractors, Powertrac tractors, Sonalika tractors, etc. —  the brand choices are endless. If you look for special models, Powertrac 445, Mahindra JIVO 245 DI, and Eicher 380, you have plenty of high-quality models to choose from. Which one to pick? — that’s an interesting question. And another question that eats our brain is — is it under the budget? Or is it worth investing all the hard-earned sum?

    Well, these questions are very well fair to ask. But they should not restrict your decision to buy the latest farm tractors. Going for second-hand tractors that are still in good condition and under budget could be another thing to thought about.

    So, let’s help you decode 7 tips on how to buy used tractors in India that are still in superb working condition and don’t bear a hole in your pockets.

    7 Tips to Buy Used Tractors in India 

    • Identify the size of the farm

    The size of the tractor is quite an important factor to look through. It will help you decide the type of farm machinery or tractor you should consider buying.

    • If you have a larger farm with a tough soil bed, you should consider going for the tractor that is between 45 – 85 HP range, as this Hp range is powerful enough to perform heavy-duty tasks on tough soil surfaces.
    • If you need a tractor to perform basic mowing or planting tasks within a stipulated land, you can consider buying a tractor in the 25 – 30 HP range.

    However, if you require a tractor for advanced and heavy-duty tasks, don’t consider going for a tractor below 25 Hp, as they won’t be viable.

    • Access the Type of Tractor

    Tractors come in all shapes and sizes, and majorly you will find them categorized in 2 broad areas:

    • 4WD Tractors

    4WD tractors are 4-wheel drive tractors that provide powerful traction while pulling planting & tillage implements. They are generally good for levelling the land but could be put to use for any general farming tasks. There are 2WD or 2-wheel drive tractors available as well, but they provide less traction compared to 4WD ones. So identify your field and soil surface, and choose accordingly.

    • Mini Tractors

    They are mini-sized, as the name suggests, tractors that are compact and good for performing minimal tasks of landscaping or maintaining a nursery. If your requirements aren’t huge and the budget is tight, mini tractors could be a vital choice to go for.

    • Look for Tractor’s Design & Condition

    Even if you are buying a second-hand tractor, it’s important to ensure you are not buying a low-quality. So to ensure your investments are not a waste, ensure to look for its:

    • Tires condition
    • Condition of driver’s seat
    • Body’s condition in terms of dents and scratches
    • Cabin’s condition and space
    • Functioning of gears, clutch, indicator, headlights, etc

    Along with that, you ensure the technical specifications of tractors are on point too. Make sure:

    • The engine is not leaking
    • The clutch provides smooth acceleration
    • The steering lock is functioning properly
    • The components are enough greased
    • Usage hours are not past their capacity

    And look carefully for other things that seem important for you to consider the purchase.

    • Ensure documents are verified

    While taking ownership of used tractors, make sure you have access to verified documents such as:

    • Original invoice of tractor
    • Insurance proof
    • Registration certificate
    • Payments receipts of tax
    • Loan documents, if ongoing any


    • Have a test drive

    A test drive can give you a clear preview of the tractor’s health. It can help you identify any abnormality the tractor is having; it could be unnecessary smoke emissions or noise of the engine due to clogged filters maybe. 

    Whomsoever you are considering buying the used tractors from, ensure they provide a free test drive to notice the quality of the vehicle.

    • Seamless Dealer Support

    Ensure the dealer you are making ties with provides a seamless association and buying process. Ensure they are verified and competent in the field. And provides specially trained technicians for advice and helps locate the best service centres nearby to keep up with the maintenance of your valuable tractors.

    • Pick Your Brand Models

    If you are a fanatic about brands and their quality products, you definitely should pick from the range of top Indian tractor brands. You can study the specifications of the latest tractor brands and go for the latest brand models like Powertrac 445, Mahindra 575 DI, Escorts Josh 335, etc. Again, choices are endless, depending on the budget, scope, and requirements you may have.

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