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    What is a Nantucket Style House?

    If you’re looking for a new home with an old-fashioned feel, consider building a Nantucket-style house. Here’s a look at a few examples of nantucket-style houses, their characteristics, and the costs involved. You can also learn about the materials commonly used in nantucket-style houses.

    Featured Nantucket-style houses

    Whether you are looking for a quaint little home near the beach or a grand two-story estate overlooking the Atlantic, a Nantucket-style house might be right for you. These homes offer a variety of unique features. From dramatic two-story great rooms and grand entryways to gourmet kitchens and flex rooms that can double as in-law suites, these homes have it all.

    The shingle-style houses that are a staple of Nantucket are generally gray in color with white trim. They are typical east coast homes and first appeared in New England after 1876. These houses were favored by local builders and residents who wanted a more modest look than the Victorian-era homes. These houses also had a simpler design, so they were less ornate.

    In addition to their simple, yet beautiful design, Nantucket houses are often surrounded by colorful old-style gardens and trellises covered in pink roses. These plants and flowers contribute to the unique character of Nantucket. In fact, Nantucket has been called one of the most beautiful towns in the United States for the 18th and 19th centuries. Nantucket houses follow strict architectural and construction regulations, and the Nantucket Historic District Commission oversees new home construction and renovations.

    Clark House is another example of a typical Nantucket house. The house has four bays and a central ridge chimney. The home was built circa 1740, but it was remodeled in the late 18th and early 19th century. The house was home to a housewright named Perez Jenkins. This house’s deed indicates that it was originally a working farm and that the owner had the right to pass cattle and horses over it. Today, the house has been refurbished and is open for visitors.

    The architecture on Nantucket is also a beautiful example of the island’s history and culture. The island is home to some of the nation’s finest 18th and early 19th-century architecture. As such, it’s vital to maintain the appearance of these historic structures to ensure that they remain as beautiful as they were back then. To preserve this architectural treasure, the Nantucket Historic District Commission regulates new construction and changes to existing structures.

    Characteristics of a nantucket style house

    The most striking characteristic of a Nantucket style house is its natural wood shake siding. Often painted, this material can age to a silver gray color over time. Nantucket houses also feature a variety of wooden elements, such as cobblestone walkways. Additionally, the style includes asymmetrical proportions and floral and nature prints.

    The weathered gray exterior of a Nantucket style house is reminiscent of the island’s surrounding landscape. Originally, the shingles on these houses were made of thin, unpainted local cedar. In the early 19th century, this style was more modest and simplified than its Victorian counterpart.

    Nantucket houses often include trellises, hedges, and flower gardens. These elements lend unique character to the island’s historic district. Moreover, Nantucket homes are built with strict guidelines for design and construction. The Nantucket Historic District Commission is responsible for overseeing new home construction and renovations.

    The Worth House, built in 1760, is a perfect example of an early Nantucket style house. It has four bays and a central ridge chimney. It was a popular type of Nantucket house in the 1800s. In addition, early Nantucket houses were built low to the ground. Moreover, these houses typically used clapboard on the facade and shingles elsewhere.

    Wide-plank floors are another characteristic of a Nantucket style house. The interiors are also often made of wicker furniture, and wooden shutters and window treatments are common. The furniture is often made of distressed wood. The colors used in a Nantucket style house reflect the island’s maritime heritage.

    Cost of a nantucket style house

    If you’re looking for a luxurious coastal home, you can’t beat the price of a Nantucket style house. With a main street address, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a waterfront property, these houses have it all. Unfortunately, they’re also expensive. However, the high price tag doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the dream home you’ve always wanted.

    The median price of a house in Nantucket is $450,000. That means that a family of four would need about $125,000 in income to qualify for that kind of loan. On the other hand, a family of two would need to earn at least $62,500 per year. With these incomes, the most expensive loan a family could afford would be $220,000, and there aren’t many family style houses listed for this price.

    One such compound is listed for $56 million. This waterfront property is comprised of three buildings, the main house with four bedrooms and a guest house with seven bedrooms. The owner of the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Globe also owns a Nantucket style house. He purchased the property for $37 million in April and it has been on the market for about four months.

    Unlike other coastal homes, Nantucket style houses have strict design guidelines. Their pitched roofs and unpainted shingles will weather to a soft gray color during the first winter. The rules also encourage sympathy for older architecture, which isn’t always possible to achieve with contemporary designs.

    In addition to the aesthetic appeal, Nantucket style houses are also built with gardens and hedges. Some of them have trellises, which add charm. The landscape is lush with flowers, such as pink roses. The architecture is classic, with a combination of quaint, rustic, and stern elements.

    Common materials used in a nantucket style house

    A Nantucket style house is often characterized by its simple design and low-key elegance. The style was popularized in the 19th century by Quakers, who insisted on minimal decoration. Common materials used in a Nantucket style house include shingles and a pitched roof. Many Nantucket homes also feature large, old-fashioned gardens.

    While the style of Nantucket houses varies in different areas, the general principles are the same. Houses built in this style should be built of durable materials and must withstand the harsh conditions of the island. There are strict guidelines for renovating a Nantucket style house, such as following the rules and regulations laid out by the local Historic District Commission. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in penalties and slowdowns.

    The roof is perhaps the most important part of a Nantucket style house. It must withstand the weather on the island, which is why quality roofing shingles, sheathing, and gutter parts are necessary. The main house is constructed of four structural bays and one chimney. In contrast, Nantucket houses don’t have separate chimney bays. The northeast corner of the main house features a brick foundation wall surrounding the original circular cellar. The circular design of vernacular building on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket Island is thought to be a natural adaptation to the island’s sandy soil. Straight walls are more likely to bow when faced with such a sandy environment.

    When designing a Nantucket style house, keep the style’s maritime theme in mind. The island is famous for fishing, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate nautical themes without overdoing it. Instead of using nautical elements like anchors or starfish, designers are opting for subtle repurposed fisherman elements. For example, Audrey Sterk selected caged chandeliers for her Nantucket style dining room. The caged chandeliers have a webbed netting exterior that gives them a crab trap look without the gaudy kitsch factor. Other items that can be used to decorate include Japanese glass buoys, and an oversized clam shell repurposed as a catchall bowl.

    The Nicholson-Andrews House is an exceptional example of transitional architecture, while still maintaining important elements of the typical Nantucket style house. Its asymmetrical facade, paneled front door with a pilastered surround, and undecorated plank frame window cases are all features of a Nantucket style house. The house was built during the island’s whaling era, which made the town rich until 1848.

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