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    The Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

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    Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a lot has happened to mark her legacy. There are several events surrounding her funeral, such as Operation London Bridge, UNICORN, and the Call cascade. There are also many people mourning her, so it’s important to look back and remember what she meant to so many people.

    Operation London Bridge

    Operation London Bridge is the codename for the procedures that will take place when Queen Elizabeth dies. The government has been trying to keep this plan secret for years, but snippets of it have slowly filtered out over the years. When Queen Elizabeth dies, a civil servant may call the prime minister and tell him that “London Bridge is down.” Or a wire from the Press Association may announce that Queen Elizabeth has passed away.

    Queen Elizabeth’s private secretary, Sir Edward Young, will be the first official to convey the news to the government. He will inform the prime minister and his cabinet, then contact the Queen’s private secretary, Liz Truss. In this way, they will communicate the news through secure lines.

    Operation UNICORN

    Operation Unicorn has been in place since the 1960s in the event of Queen Elizabeth’s death. The Queen passed away at Balmoral with her children by her side. The plans for the funeral will be finalised by King Charles III. A military funeral is planned. It will be held on the eve of the funeral of the queen.

    The UK government has a formal plan to deal with the death of the head of state. The plan has special provisions for the case of the monarch dying in Scotland. The secret codename for the plan was “Operation Unicorn,” which relates to the mythological unicorn that appears on the coat of arms of the royal family.

    Call cascade

    In the event of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a call cascade will be implemented to inform senior politicians. This includes the prime minister, cabinet secretary, and senior ministers, who will then pass the information on to other senior figures. A departmental permanent secretary will also be given a script to read when informing colleagues about the death. The cabinet secretary will also send out an email to senior civil servants, advising them to act appropriately.

    The plan will take place within the hours following Queen Elizabeth’s death. This process is known as Operation London Bridge and has been in place since 1960. The day of death is referred to as “D-Day” while the days before the funeral are referred to as “D+1” and “D+2”. The next step is to inform UK Prime Minister Liz Truss and cabinet secretary, who will then inform the Cabinet Office and a number of other senior ministers.

    State funeral

    The State Funeral is a ceremony that commemorates Queen Elizabeth’s life. The ceremony was held at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where the late monarch resided. Elizabeth was the longest serving monarch in British history and the most visited. Her reign spanned almost seven decades. At the time of her death, she was 96 years old, and was the oldest person to reign as a monarch.

    The funeral is being attended by heads of state and royalty from around the world. Traditionally, mourners assemble at St James’s Palace within 24 hours of the deceased’s death. But the news of the queen’s death only broke on Thursday, so mourners had little time to prepare.

    Prince Charles to address world as new king

    King Charles III of England is returning to London today for a televised address. He will meet new British Prime Minister Liz Truss and issue a prerecorded address to the nation. He will also be making his first public statement since queen Elizabeth’s death.

    Charles, who has spent 73 years preparing for the role, will meet the prime minister and address the nation mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II. As the head of state of 14 realms, the death of the queen was a moment of great sadness for both the royal family and the country. However, the royal family has come together to express their feelings about the death of their mother, and to pay tribute to her legacy.knews247

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