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    How to Draw A Firefly

    How to Draw A Firefly. Spending a quiet evening outdoors is always a wonderful thing, and that experience can be made even better by seeing lots of glowing fireflies in the air.

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    These wonderful insects manage to stand out from other insect species with their signature trick of glowing like Christmas lights.

    As cool as it is to see them in real life, learning to draw a firefly can be just as awesome!

    This is the guide you want to partake in if you want to create works of art with these amazing insects.

    How to Draw A Firefly

    Step 1

    We’ll draw a close-up of this insect while we work on this how-to-draw-a-firefly tutorial. With that in mind, we’ll start with the insect’s head and thorax (or middle section).

    Since we will be close to the firefly, we will draw many small sections and details.

    The head consists of several smaller round shapes that are connected. Next, we draw the rounded antennas above the head, with connected small, thin rectangular shapes.

    Finally, we’ll draw the lower chest using rounded lines to create the shapes you see in our reference image.

    Step 2

    In this second step of drawing the firefly, we will add the insect’s six legs. The view we have of this firefly is from below, and the legs start near the middle of the base of the firefly.

    Like the other parts we’ve drawn so far, these legs are connected with several thin shapes.

    They are also each in a different position, making it seem like the bug is walking around. Once it looks like our reference image, we’re good to go!

    Step 3

    These insects need wings to fly and shine in the air, so in this step of our how-to draw a firefly guide, we will add some wings along with the thorax.

    First, we’ll use some smooth lines to draw the first few sections of the wings that stick out from the firefly’s sides.

    The part where the wings connect to the insect will be thin, and then the wings will widen as they come out before tapering near the tip.

    If that sounds confusing, the reference image shows what they should look like! We will then add the insect’s back, called the thorax, before moving on to the next step.

    This part of the firefly emits a glow, and you can draw it using thin, rounded shapes that connect.

    The chest areas also get less wide each time you pull.

    Step 4

    We started the wings in the previous step of drawing the firefly, but these bugs have more than two wings!

    We’ll draw the others in this fourth step; they should be easy enough to add.

    You add some long, rounded lines above the wings you drew earlier, and then you can draw some shorter, curved lines underneath.

    Once you’ve drawn these new wings, the next step is for us to add some final details.

    Step 5

    Now you can add some final details before moving on to the last step, how to draw a firefly guide.

    If you’ve ever seen a winged insect up close, you’ll have noticed that they usually have some intricate details on their wings.

    You can add this detail by drawing many rounded lines to form some shapes on the wings as they appear in the reference image.

    Next, to finish off, let’s draw straight lines around the firefly’s chest, which will help show that this section is light.

    You could even add a background for a more dynamic image, and it could fly through a garden with other fireflies!

    Step 6

    To fully complete the drawing of the firefly, we’re going to color it now.

    In our example, we used some brown for most of the body, but the closer we get to the top of the chest, the browner we convert to lighter shades of yellow.

    You can also add a light touch of yellow watercolor around the chest to show its light.

    Your Firefly Drawing is Finished!

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