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    Mobile application that can access all your wallets

    The most considerable convenience after the VISA card is the mobile application where we can store the cryptocurrency in a separate eth wallet online and view it anytime. In addition to storing cryptocurrencies, we certainly have the option to purchase them through the app. In this case, security can also be provided with 2-step authentication and compliance with basic KYC [know your customer] standards, so we don’t have to worry about that.

    The TRASTRA card is currently available in 31 European countries/regions [besides EU countries/regions, but also residents of Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein], so we can use all the features. And since we can use the VISA card almost anywhere in the world, we can enjoy the benefits of the VISA card when traveling or paying at the store.

    The card can be delivered free of charge; the exhibition fee is only 9 euros [in addition, the maintenance fee is 1.25 euros per month]. Both online and offline euros are free, as is adding money to your account. There is no fee for transferring cryptocurrencies to our account or switching to euros. The company has reduced the cost of purchases outside the EU, so the current transaction fee is 3%. The maximum daily limit is 8,000 euros, including 300 euros for cash withdrawals, which can be withdrawn from almost any ATM for 2.25 euros. However, in addition to daily limits, there are no weekly or monthly limits.

    On the platform, sending cryptocurrencies to external wallets is also quite economical. ETH’s value is 0.005 ETH, while in the other four cryptocurrencies, its value equals the sum of their transactions on their blockchain network.

    VISA cards other than bitcoins and altcoins on TRASTRA paint

    Growing interest has been brought by the latest innovations that combine already known banking features [hybrid model] with the possibility of cryptocurrency. One of them is TRASTRA. For those who do not want to give up the benefits of any system, TRASTRA can be the most beneficial of traditional banking services; the ease of use and the availability of digital currency packages are not willing to give up. With TRASTRA, users can get the famous VISA card, which can be used for withdrawals and daily credit card purchases. The latter solves a big problem for cryptographers because we store bitcoins in our digital currency package, so we can only pay where the “We accept bitcoins” logo predominates.

    In addition, the TRASTRA platform not only benefits bitcoin enthusiasts but also supports four other altcoins. Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash can also be purchased and stored in our accounts. You can use the instant exchange feature and the current best exchange rate for cryptocurrencies, convert any of them into euros and


    The last few weeks have only confirmed that we have been trying to show people content for many years: the traditional banking industry is far from perfect. In addition, the system’s loopholes are also more clearly visible due to the increased pressure in the current virus situation and the stock market crash. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people are turning to alternatives, mainly cryptocurrency solutions – not only for those who are interested, but the number of other options is growing, which is not surprising. Now we can see this in the example of the financial technology TRASTRA.

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