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    I’m On The Way to Everest Base Camp


    It is the Everest Base Camp trek is widely regarded as among the top renowned treks around the globe. Each year, hundreds and thousands of tourists from all over the world travel to Nepal in order to ensure that they can finish the trek. The thrilling trek to M.t. Everest Base Camp starts in a charming small town known as Lukla.

    The most famous and challenging trek route that runs from Lukla through Everest Base Camp is beautiful however it has become prevalent and developed over the decades. Below are a few most recommended options that will get your mind away from the usual routes and allow you to be awed by M.t. Everest in ways few people have the opportunity to.


    Choose an alternative route


    The vast majority of Everest Base Camp trekkers in Nepal travel to Lukla and then follow the trail through Namche Bazaar. There is no way to avoid the crowds at every stage of your hike since there’s only one trail along the last section to Everest Base Camp, but there are numerous alternatives, including more remote trails along certain parts of the path.

    Explore the stunning spots were only a few trekkers camp for one or two nights. The extensive range of lodges that are located in the Everest Region is second to any other, and we generally suggest using them for all of your hike. However, if you want to access places that aren’t easy to access because of their difficulty or adverse weather conditions, you should limit yourself to the main routes and consider having a few days of in the wilderness and saving energy. The logistics can be difficult so consult an experienced camping guide to start with some fantastic ideas and ask your local expert to figure out the details for you too.


    • Trek in the lower Solukhumbu
    • Combining your trip together with Gokyo Lakes, or The Three Passes Trek
    • Trek through Hinku Valley and Mera Peak over Amphu Lapcha Pass


    Consider a different way of hiking


    If you’re not a fan of hiking or your fitness isn’t sufficient to meet your needs, or you’d like to play around for a change there are other methods of transport you could use to get to your goal of the Everest Base Camp.


    Opt for Helicopters


    If you’re short on time or money to take a helicopter ride, combining it with a trek is an excellent opportunity to see incredible panoramic views from a close distance of Everest. Many trekkers opt to fly to the top of Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp and back however the most popular way for this is to hike halfway up, then take an air-conditioned helicopter ride starting from Namche or Thame to Everest Base Camp and return, or perhaps avoid the trek back by returning to Lukla in time to take a domestic flight to Kathmandu.


    Mountain Bike to take home the prize


    Mountain Bikes and motorcycle rides are not advised (or not allowed at all in accordance with the current guidelines Here) within Sagarmatha National Park, on the Nepal side of Mt Everest. If you’re looking to enjoy a ride with the most stunning and breathtaking view of M.t. Everest you should keep a few options to think about.


    Stay at lodges with higher standards


    Most trekkers are staying in lodges that are standard or known as Teahouses they are typically extremely clean and comfortable. The experience is an excellent opportunity to meet other travelers and trekkers. If you’re looking more toward comfort, and maybe some luxury, then you can be a part of more luxurious camps or tent homes like Yeti Mountain Home.

    There is also the option of staying in the local tents which may seem like roughing it however Nepal style trekking is more of “Glamping” or “Adventurous”. Food and equipment are typically carried by porters. And you can have your campsite put up by specialized staff. Meanwhile, the cook team will cook you delicious meals.


    Explore one of the “other” Everest Base Camps as well.


    When people speak of Everest Base Camp, most times, they are referring to those located in Nepal beneath in the Khumbu Icefall. It is not widely known that there are two other Everest Base Camps that are located in Tibet just a little bit to the northernmost region of M.t. Everest.


    • The second most popular base camp is used by climbers who focus in climbing Mount. Everest by The North Col route which is situated in Tibet. There are two base camps along this route. One is known by the name of “Everest Base Camp” and the second one is called ” The Advanced Base Camp”.


    • Last but not last but not the camp located at the Northern side of Tibet located inside Kangshung valley, which is below the sheer eastern face of M.t. Everest.

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