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    Best Hotels in Jibhi 2022


    Jibhi Himachal Most breathtaking off-the-beaten-track area is renowned for its tranquil surroundings, recreational activities such as trout fishingand snowcapped mountains lush green meadows dotted with blossoming flowers deep oak woodlands as well as apple orchards and the mild climate. The splendor of Jibhi is amplified by the abundance of hostels, Homestays, and Hotels as well as the natural beauty. Particularly, the gorgeous trees that are a draw for the nature lovers.

    We’ve compiled our most popular places to stay in Jibhi with a focus on Hostels, Homestays, and Treehouses for you to enjoy a memorable stay.


    Important Tips When making a reservation

    If you are planning to make a reservation in Jibhi or any other Jibhi accommodation, whether it’s a cottage, treehouse, hotel or hostel, make sure you contact the hotel in advance and ask about the exact place of the hotel as most hotel rooms in Jibhi are located away to the road just a few meters. After parking your car, you’ll need to walk to reach the hotel. You can reserve your trip when you are comfortable parking your car and carrying your baggage during the hike.


    Hosteller, Shoja Hosteller, Shoja is 6.5 kilometers far from Jibhi and is among the top 10 destinations to visit in Jibhi.


    Stays in the Hosteller’s home at The Hosteller

    The hostel is ideal for you’re traveling on your own or with a group of friends. You’ll be able to connect with other travelers with similar interests and also save money. It has WiFi, comfortable beds, open spaces with a library, the cafe, a kitchen, a bonfire in the evening and a stunning views of the valley being surrounded by stunning mountains. The hostel is located within the Shoja Valley and is located near Jibhi. Hosteller is an excellent option to stay in Jibhi when you’re going working or going on a hiking trip with your buddies.


    • Female and male mixed-dormitory room kinds.
    • Superior rooms that have (4 3, 6, and 8 beds) as well as balconies, rooms for up to four people.
    • Price 674 INR 8.8 beginning price rating

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    1. Madpackers – Riverside Hostel

    A few of the gorgeous accommodation options at Jibhi is Madpackers Hostel, which is located close the River. The amenities provided from the Madpacker Hostel include WiFi, 24 hours a day water heating services, beautiful views, clean and well-maintained toilets, spacious dormitories, and tasty meals. The host can also assist you in making plans for your day as well as a itinerary of places to see in Jibhi. There are a variety of activities you can enjoy while in Jibhi.


    If you’re taking a trip Deluxe double rooms, Suites for families with balcony Superior double rooms Deluxe family rooms and numerous dorm rooms are available (8 10, 12 and 8 beds). The hotel is located in Zero Point, close to the Jibhi bus stop. Himachal Pradesh’s VPO Jibhi, Tehsil Banjar, District of Kullu


    RockTop Inn Homestay

    Imagine a spot with a swimming pool that is with mountains surrounding it; that’s the kind of place Rock Top Inn homestay looks like. It’s one of the most luxurious homes in Jibhi that has an outdoor pool that is seasonal and hot spring, a mess play area for children Restaurant, free Wi-Fi and a private parking. The location is elevated and offers stunning panoramic views over the valley as well as the entire environment. RockTop Inn is a perfect location for all kinds of tourists. In addition, there is many different cuisines that are available at the restaurant, which range from indian to Italian and continental.


    • Price 1200 INR 4. 4. Lost Escape is not on the map. Riverside Homestay


    The Lost Escape

    As per the name The Lost Escape in Jibhi is an ideal spot to relax and unwind from the pressures of life. The guesthouse is comprised of six rooms that are equipped with all the necessary facilities, including a lush garden and free WiFi. It also has a 24 hour water heating facilities, as well as parking. If you’re interested in exploring the surrounding area, you are able to hire a car or bicycle. The hosts will assist with planning your day’s excursion.


    • Location: Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh, Dalicha Panchayat.
    • Price 3.400 Indian Rupees Book now for the Beginning Cost Review for 9.


    Jungle Book Homestay

    Take a look at this Jungle Book Homestay if you’re seeking a cheap accommodation for an evening or two in Jibhi. The homestay is situated on top of a hill, and is surrounded by lush, natural forest. Jibhi is one of the top places for a stay can be found there.The host is extremely welcoming and excels at keeping guests happy with delicious, homemade food, and free internet access, and arranging small day trips.


    • Location: Tehsil Banjar, Village Sar, P.O. Jibhi, NH305

    The homestay at Crystal Mountain

    The hotel is run by a local family , and is situated 2 km of the Jibhi waterfall. Six rooms that have wooden interiors with private bathrooms and balconies, as well as free internet electric kettle, parking as well as power backups are provided at this hotel. Three guests can comfortably be accommodated in these rooms at a time.


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