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    How to log in to SiteGround- A complete guide

    How to log in to SiteGround- A complete guide

    SiteGround is a hosting business, founded in 2004 in Bulgaria. As of January 2020, it hosts about 2 million domains globally and provides shared hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise solutions, email hosting, and domain registration.


    OfficeGround is a well-known web hosting company that has fast speeds, an intuitive interface, and superb customer service. Some customers are less satisfied with the total cost and backend support.


    SiteGround supplies hosting services that range from shared to dedicated servers. They also offer a variety of other services such as WordPress website hosting, SSL certificates, Cloudflare CDN, and cloud-based VPS.

    SiteGround provides the best quality customer service, offering a 24/7 live chat line and phone service, especially for those who need help with their website or domain. Their tech team is also available to help resolve your site or domain problem.

    The best web hosting web for your business isSiteGround provides customer assistance to assist you in setting up and administering your website. SiteGround is a website hosting company that provides a variety of services to assist you in setting up and promoting your website. You can buy SiteGround web hosting, use SiteGround’s site builder, or host a personal website.




    • Sitename: SiteGround
    • Service: Domain and Hosting
    • Provider: Interserver International Ltd
    • Hosting: Shared, WordPress, Cloud, and VPS Hosting
    • Availability: Worldwide
    • Website:


    Features of Siteground Login

    • Web Hosting. Rapid and secure hosting for your site.
    • WordPress Hosting. Managed WordPress hosting for high performance.
    • WooCommerce Hosting. WooCommerce hosting for selling online easily.
    • Cloud Hosting. High-performance cloud plans for developing websites.
    • Reseller Hosting. Allow multiple sites to run professionally.


    Steps For Siteground login


    • Open the Siteground
    • Click on the login
    • Enter email address
    • Type a password
    • Click on the login.


    How to set up a website SiteGround?

    SITEGROUND’s website builder will help you install your website and utilize the tools specifically created for your convenience.


    • Select a Domain for the Site
    • Start a New Site
    • Transfer an Existing Site
    • Add an SSL to the Site


    Can one set up multiple accounts for cPanel?

    SiteGround generally does not provide more than one Siteground login account for each cPanel. It really is a fundamental restriction to the protection of your website. This restriction prevents a hacker from entering one account at a time.


    Changing SiteGround password for cPanel


    The user has to log into the SiteGround account.

    click Websites

    See the Manage tab from where you can change the password.

    Click the drop-down menu and select “Change cPanel Password”.



    Changing Language for cPanel

    The SiteGround user needs to enter the SiteGround cPanel through the SiteGround login area. The cPanel has an advanced section within the advanced tab. This section contains an option for switching between the languages English and French. Click on the Change Language menu, choose the language you want, and click Exit.


    Logging in Webmail in SiteGround


    • Click on Email
    • Go to Accounts, then click Login in Webmail
    • Go to Mail
    • Email Account
    • Click Access Webmail



    Is SiteGround safe to use?

    We can also give you Siteground offers that advanced IDS IPS technology which blocks malicious bots and hackers. ModSecurity is loaded onto all shared servers, and we update our security rules weekly, thus shielding our users from the most common dangers.


    Login Securely

    On the options on this page, you can secure your WordPress site’s wp-admin panel from different kinds of attacks.


    • Custom Login URL: The WordPress default login page is one of the most popular attack targets and botnet entry points. Using Siteground’s Security plugin, you can change the login page to your custom login URL to avoid such attacks. You can also deactivate user registration for your WordPress website if user registration is activated.


    • Login Access: If FTP is enabled in your WordPress settings, your login page can be accessed by default by anybody. You can use this functionality to allow entry to the wp-admin page only from an IP that you specify. If you are using an IP address that is provided by your ISP, then you can add a specified range of IP addresses on the blacklist to ensure that access to the admin panel is not disrupted.


    • Two-factor Authentication for Admin & Editors Users:

    • There is a very simple and inexpensive method to protect your data against fraud and identity theft that does not involve complex or time-consuming technologies. Two-step verification ties something you know with something only you have. In addition, when you have allowed it, you will use a second password generated by an application on your smartphone in addition to your regular username and password.


    • Disable Common Usernames: Overusing simple usernames like administrator can allow easy unauthorized access. Setting this option, we will prevent the creation of common usernames and will enable you to change the existing one, if you have one or more users with a weak username.


    • Limit Login Attempts: If a user is unsuccessful in three consecutive attempts to log in to your wp-admin, Mackenzie will block this IP from accessing your login page for 1 hour every time for this IP. This violation will be recorded in the Activity Log underground all the IPs that have been barred from your community.



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