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    How To Draw A Monster

    How To Draw A Monster. Monsters have appeared in every storytelling format humanity uses, from fireside tales and folklore to classic literature and movies. They often symbolize real-world fears and are used to explore them visually. For the most part, however, monster stories are funny and scary, and people have created all kinds of terrifying beasts.

    From giant lizards terrorizing cities to tiny gremlins wreaking havoc, we can’t get enough! If you want to create your monster, keep reading! This guide on how to draw a monster in 7 easy steps will have you designing your scary beast! You can draw many more characters like easy goku drawing, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

    Step 1:

    To begin this guide on how to draw a monster, we’ll start with your monster’s head. To do this, draw a curved line at the top of the head. You can then draw two wavy horns from the top of the head as they appear in the reference image.

    Step 2:

    your monster drawing needs a boy, so let’s draw one for him in this step. The monster design has a long, lean body, so we’ll use a line that curves under the head. The lines should line up with the head, but be sure to leave a little space between the head and the body, as we’ll add the arms over those spaces in the next few steps.

    Step 3:

    It would be a monster with big scary arms, so this step of our how to draw a monster guide will focus on that. As we mentioned in the previous step, the arms will go through the spaces we left between the body and the head. The arms will extend to the lower body where the legs begin. However, you can make them even longer if you want! Remember to give your monster sharp claws on its hands!

    Step 4:

    how intimidating a monster is depended a lot on how terrifying its face is! For this reason, we will design a scary face for your monster drawing in this step. The two main components of a good monster face are eyesight and mouth. Focusing on the eyes first, we will achieve an angry look by having a sharp angle to the sides.

    You can even add a few eyebrow lines to make it even crazier! Then use a curved line with dots underneath to make the nose. Finally, for this step, we’ll draw a big mouth for your monster. We used jagged lines to make the inside of the mouth look like sharp teeth. You can also change the face design if you want a different look or expression for your monster.

    Step 5:

    You are nearing the end of this guide on how to draw a monster, so let’s draw some more details for your monster in this step. We’ll show you some details you can add, but feel free to add your own! We drew short lines on the arms for our design to give this creepy monster a more hairy and worn look. A few more lines on the body to add texture complete this step!

    Step 6:

    Before coloring your monster drawing, let’s draw some legs underneath. For this design, the legs will be much shorter than her long arms. We also use jagged lines for the toes, as this will make them look sharper and more intimidating. This completes our monster design, but before we go any further, feel free to draw any additions you want! Whether you change or add details or even draw a cool background, there are plenty of ways to put your spin on this design. We can’t wait to catch what you arrive up with!

    Step 7:

    This final step in our guide to drawing a monster is all about unleashing the creativity of color in your drawing. Our reference image used a mostly brown color palette, with darker tones for added detail. These are the colors we chose, but this is a stage where you can show off your amazing coloring skills!

    This is your monster drawing; you must use whatever colors you want! You can use more subdued earthy colors or bright and vibrant ones. Maybe it’s a swamp monster with a green color palette, a lava beast with a red palette, or a dreadful snow beast with whites and blues for coloring. You can also create great looks for your drawing by using arti

    Finished Drawing!

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