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    Can blow drying your beard cause damage?

    Ajay Mishra, 28 grooms his husky beard daily. It took him years of patience and determination to grow and achieve this perfect volume. Lately, the heat from his blow dryer is leaving his beard brittle and skin dry & flakey. This has led to beard dandruff, beard split ends, and patchiness along with growing anxiety for Ajay. For men like Ajay who have added personal signature and confidence to their beards, Mancode has invented the perfect beard oil for men.

    Ingredients like almond oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, etc in Mancode enhance facial hair growth. This oil has many exotic ingredients that help absorption, and accelerate hair growth Even after the first use your beard will be shinier and way softer.

     Why do men blow dry their beard when they can just let it air dry? The follicles swell when they are wet The longer the swelling continues, the more pressure is put on the intricate proteins that bind your hair This makes hair fragile. Blow drying further worsens the situation, causing breakage.

    Then again, in excess intensity harms the skin & beard – the peripheral defensive layer of every hair-by trapping water inside the hair and making the water boil. Make sure your hair dosent get heated.

    One more benefit of utilizing Mancode facial hair oil is that it detangles tangled hair in addition to relaxing and smoothing facial hair, delivering it flexible and scented. In the wake of applying the facial hair oil, leave it on for a little while to permit the facial hair oil to take care of its business, then flush it with facial hair wash and wipe it clean with a dry towel. Practice it daily to purify your facial hair completely routinely.

    Mancode has many ingredients that are very advantageous for your facial hair. It has exotic ingredients like coconut oil that helps with the growth of your facial hair.
    Coconut oil helps to open up pores . This adds more volume and shine to your beard

    Individuals are more cautious with beard grooming now, and washing and drying beards are an integral checklist of it. A few men feel great blowing dry the beard as it demands less investment and persistence than the air dryer. Be that as it may, a safe place doesn’t allude to a protected zone. Do not use a blow drier on beard as it may harm your beard..

    You may use beard balm before you go out of the house.
    Besides, it likewise gives your skin a solid look. Since it contains no unsafe ingredients, the Mancode beard balm will not toxify your skin. It is paraben and sulfate free which makes it an ideal fit to purchase.

    The fixings present in Mancode beard balm support and support beard development while keeping the beard sound and reviving for the day.

    It is prescribed to utilize this beard by Mancode toward the start of the day preceding moving out of the house. This is because it can keep going for extended periods without creating any irritation or consuming sensations.

    It mitigates the face and doesn’t cause your face to feel tacky or oily. Beard balm allows your beard to inhale the entire day and gives it the ability to battle harmful contaminations and synthetic compounds outside. Moreover, it causes you to feel revived for your day.

    When your beard is dry, protect your craftsmanship with a layer of beard balm. This will rehydrate skin and hair, which is particularly essential on the off chance that you blow dry consistently. Mancode Beard Balm contains saturated sunflower seed oil, cocoa seed spread, and shea margarine and  well as beeswax for light hold. The beeswax will keep your beard clean and smooth for the day. Using a hair dryer a ways off of 6 inches (15 cm) with consistent movement causes less harm than drying hair normally. This means that for however long you’re utilizing a blow dryer at a low temperature, not excessively near your hair, and continue to move it around you won’t harm your beard.

    A Quality Blow Dryer ought to have the accompanying agenda

    Anything in the scope of 1300 – 1875 watts is sufficient

    Ceramic dryer – They emanate non-harming heat

    Ensure it has a spout or different connections. You need to have the option to concentrate heat.

    Better the beard more is the obligation! Remove the weight of keeping a durable beard with Mancode Beard Cream. An optimal merge of shea margarine and 6 other regular oils that keep your beard fed, sound, and impeccably molded. The most effective way to mellow men’s beard hair is by giving a perfect proportion of dampness and sustenance. Make your beard hair delicate and reasonably utilizing mancode beard cream which has a non-oily equation and contains regular fixings like sweet almond oil, argan oil, sunflower oil, green aloe vera, tea seed oil and camellia seed oil. 


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