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    Beard Grooming Tips: Maintaining That Great Beard

    You’ve grown that beard you’ve always wanted, and you may even be able to pair it with a handsome moustache. Men are impressed, and life is excellent.

    Caring appraise for your beard

    A large part of the process of growing a beard is around taking good proper care. It is possible to condition your beard all day long using Beard Oil and beard Balm.  You can use beard Trimming Scissors to trim your moustache and beard and remove split ends. Keep it neat and clean easily by using Beard Wash and Softener at least a couple of times a week.

    Beard oil

    You may have realized that this is the oil used in your beard to balance its natural hydration. Cleaning your beard keeps dirt away, but it also strips off the beard’s natural oils. As beard Oil was developed as a leave-in conditioner to help balance the natural oils on your beard and skin.

    •       If you’re unfamiliar with Beardbrand Beard Oil, check out this video for an introduction to our new formulation of Beard Oil.
    •       You can learn how to grow, maintain and groom facial hair (also called beard grooming) it is not complicated.

    We have tips for grooming your beard, product suggestions, taking care of your moustache, beard, or stubble has never been easier with Mancode products!

    Make sure to wash your hair regularly

    Washing your beard can help eliminate any build-up or residue from products. It will help your beard to penetrate and help make hair styling simpler.

    Master the Art of Washing Your Beard

    Regularly washing your beard might appear to be a simple job, but if done correctly, it can bring the beard game down a step.

    •       To clean your beard, begin with a high-quality beard cleanser.
    •       For short beards, a foam cleanser such as Mancode Beard Cleansing Foam is perfect for cleansing your facial hair and nourishing the skin beneath.
    •       Keep in mind that scrubbing your beard is vital. This product can help you thoroughly clean your beard without removing your hair’s natural oils.

    Soak your hands in warm water.

    Apply a small amount of the shampoo or Beard Cream to your fingers and massage the foam into the facial hair.

     After the product has been coated and you’ve cleansed all your locks, make sure to rinse it off with warm water.

    Include oil in your daily routine of grooming your beard.

    Know how to apply Beard Oil

    As the name implies, beard oil is a product you apply to your beard. It’s a fantastic method to give your hair a shine, keep it soft and smooth, and add moisture to your skin.

    •       If you’re not sure how to use it, if you are unsure how to apply it correctly, we offer an essential step-by-step guide you can follow:
    •       The ideal time to apply the oil is following a bath or showers since your hair is clean and will be able to absorb oil.
    •       Use a couple of drops of oil for your beard into the palms of your hands (you can always add more if you need to).
    •       Apply ha. Be sure to cover your hands uniformly.
    •       Make sure you work your hands through your beard, sweeping sides, front and moustache.
    •       Comb your beard and distribute the oil and Beard Cream, and shape your beard.


    Learn How to Style Your Beard as a Professional

    For styling longer facial hair, apply a beard balm to keep it in check. 

    •       Put a tiny amount on your hands.
    •       The product should be warm between your fingers before applying it to your beard.
    •       The product can be smashed in a fashion with your hands or a comb.

    Don’t be a fool to style your hair!

    To style moustaches, apply the suitable wax designed for facial hair, such as this one: Toni Guy Styling Wax for Moustaches. The fragrance-free wax provides a firm but flexible hold. It is easy to wash off without leaving any leftovers.

    •       A small amount of the product with your hands brushes your hair.
    •       A little product between your index and thumb enhances your moustache.
    •       Use your fingers to style your hair into an elegant pointed taper.
    •       The choice of a haircut that fits your face is vital.

    Choose the Best Beard for your face shape

    •       Like the hair in your hair, you must select the most suitable beard style to match the facial shape.

    Do not worry about your jaw line. There are different styles accessible for you to look over. These will complement your face and appearance.

    Make sure you get regular trims

    Begin to make friends with the local barber shop and have regular trims on your beard. Keep in mind that this can ensure your beard is clean and tidy with Beard Cream.


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