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    Your Health Care – Is It Healthy For You?

    More and more people are becoming leery of the state of health care in America. It seems that no matter how much money we spend, we have a health care system that falls apart at the seams. Between Obamacare, the cost of prescription drugs, and the number 11, we have a very unhealthy population and a sick and broken system. What is our health care system doing that is ultimately going to hurt us? If we want to keep people healthy, and not spend exorbitant amounts of money on health care, what should we do? First, we should understand that the overall health of our society is critical to our overall health; everyone needs to participate in our ongoing wellness. The value of cardiovascular disease prevention, diet and exercise is well accepted, but there are problems with too much focus on one aspect of health, or the other. Is it possible to prevent heart disease without reducing the national rate of obesity and in doing so improve the quality and length of life? While it is impossible to remove the risk of cardiovascular disease from our environment, it is possible to reduce it by balance, which is nature’s law. Undergrowth of any kind of cell in any organ of the body will cause death in all animal species. Stress, poor nutrition, excesses of any kind, abnormal cell growth, and lack of oxygenation all contribute to an unhealthy heart. While it is true there are genetic predispositions to heart disease, trusting the medical profession in general can be dangerous. The main problems associated with the modern medical approach to disease prevention are that disease is seen as something a doctor can fix in a ” Whenever a decline in function is noted, it is suggested that something can be done to reverse it.” However, without a qualified holistic physician, the patient is left with paralysis,Pain, disorientation, and other serious symptoms, with many not being aware they are ill. While modern medicine and holistic medicine both have their benefits, it is our diet, lifestyle, overall well-being, and appropriate exercise that are critical in our attempt to maintain a healthy body. This is why there is such a strong movement into holistic medicine. Moving the body is what it takes to maintain a healthy function. Check out these foods that can improve your health and which may put you on the road to holistic medicine. Eat herb complete, including: flower, leafy greens, seeds, roots, bark, fennel, herbs such as balm & oven mallow, apples, barley, citrus fruits & vegetables, garlic, ginger, and onions. Get plenty of rest complete, including sleep, regular time to fall asleep and wake up, as well as good, deep sleep. Exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes every day. Start simple, with the least amount of activity possible possible. Laser bloating, and exercise both increase circulation which helps remove waste from the body and may promote better elimination. Both improve circulation and reduce the amount of waste produced in the first place. Natural, whole foods, which are closest to what our bodies were designed to eat are nutrient dense foods. Eat plenty of raw tomatoes and kale, which are rich in vitamins A, C, Those great enzymes that help the body to eliminate toxins and that make your skin look so good and so much younger. Mix them in oatmeal or cereals, in stir fry dishes, or even in salads. Seafood is great for omega-3 essential oils. Salt water fish like salmon, and sardines, which contain the essential Omega 3 fatty acids. albacore tuna and salmon, and mackerel can contain helpful amounts of this Omega 3. Eat more Protein, Fruit and Vegetables, and Dairy. Protein helps build and repair damaged cells, and fruit, vegetables, and dairy products help to prevent the formation of fat cells. Always check the inserts which claim that a calcium supplement will “row” your bones. No such luck, calcium supplementation will not protect bone loss. It may slightly slow the process, but does not reconstruct damaged bones or replace them completely. Calcium/magnesium is a good combination, but good GI days are the key. Eat away, from your “conventional” schedule, and add a few supplements of the kind that I recommend. In addition, there is a procedure I am using that I think may be of great value. It is called Calcium-Magnesium Enzyme Complex (CME). You may think that I have been taking lots of calcium and magnesium supplements, and that is actually true. But I have always stuck to nature wherever possible, and this is why. Magnesium needs to be built up first, and then calcium depleted cells have a tougher time taking calcium. This procedure helps to ensure both.

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