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    Why Choose OP Malhotra Class 11 Solutions? A Complete Guide

    The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations conducts the Indian School Certificate exam which is also known as the ISC examination. The syllabus aims to provide quality education and empower students to make a mark in the highly competitive world. Such studies create a learning experience that makes the students contribute towards humanity and society. Although the teacher and the school play a vital role in the right schooling of the students, books are one of the best ways to gain knowledge. When it comes to good educational books, OP Malhotra Class 11 Solutions provides the best learning.

    Who Was OP Malhotra?

    For his books on mathematics, Mr Om Prakash Malhotra has won accolades throughout India. His teaching style is loved by teachers and students alike. In 1965, Malhotra started writing books on Mathematics along with the renowned educationist Professor Shanti Narayan. Together they compiled books on mathematics for all classes from kindergarten to Class 12. He wrote about both modern maths and traditional mathematics. His book called Additional Mathematics With Statistics was a huge hit as it provided several new methods and also included additional topics for classes 11 and 12.

    Why Choose OP Malhotra Class 11 Solutions?

    Books are the life of education. They provide a foundation and direction for learning. Without books, students would feel lost. OP Malhotra’s books are published by the S. Chand group which is one of India’s largest and oldest publishing houses. When two renowned names come together, they provide the best. OP Malhotra Class 11 Solutions not only improve the analytical skills of students but also encourage them to create solutions for problems. Here are a few reasons to choose books by OP Malhotra.

    The book is structured as per the latest syllabus according to the new Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations.

    They provide in-depth knowledge of all the concepts and topics included in Class 11 of the ICS curriculum.

    It is one of the best standard resources for learning and understanding mathematics.

    Moreover, it comes with solutions to all the exercises in the Class 11 Maths textbook.

    All the exercises and problems are explained in an easy manner with illustrations wherever necessary.

    Prepared by experts, these books help in exam preparations and scoring well.

    Problems are solved in a step-by-step manner which helps in the retention of knowledge.

    Chapter-wise solutions make it easier for students to find the topics and problems.

    Additional topics are also added in the OP Malhotra books to provide extra practice and learning and better preparation.

    The books are easily available in the market and are reasonably priced.

    OP Malhotra Class 11 Solutions is one of the best reference books for Class 11 Mathematics.

    OP Malhotra’s books are available both in print and online.

    Tips to Score Better In Class 11 Mathematics

    To prepare well and excel in exams, you need to follow a strict regime to study Class 11 Mathematics. Use OP Malhotra Class 11 Solutions to help you achieve your goal. Follow the steps given below:

    Chart out a timetable for yourself. It should be practical, feasible and reasonable. Also, the timetable should include all your daily needs as well.

    During the time of the study, keep yourself away from distractions such as phones, television, the internet, games, etc.

    Read the concept of the chapters carefully. Write down any formulae that you may come across.

    Carefully observe which formula is applied to which question and how.

    Practise the examples given in your textbooks. If stuck, find the solutions in the OP Malhotra Class 11 Solutions book.

    Solve the additional or specimen papers too.

    When solving model test papers, time your speed. Make notes on which problems are taking you more time to solve. Work on those to get better.

    Where To Buy OP Malhotra Class 11 Solution Book?

    If you are looking for fine quality and clear print educational books without having to wait in lines outside bookstores. In addition to books, you can also shop for various other school supplies online. Here are some benefits of buying books online:

    With just a few clicks, you can quickly search different genres and categories of books such as fiction, educational, literature, non-fiction, competitive examinations, etc.

    With special discounts and offers, especially for students, you do not have to haggle or bargain for a good book.

    Shop from the comfort of your home and get your books timely delivered to your doorstep.


    Books come in very useful during exam preparations. Without books, students may find it difficult to retain everything they learn. Maths requires the students to be well prepared. The number one difficulty faced by students is finding the right book for the subject. OP Malhotra Class 11 Solutions provide even the solutions so that students can quickly get through if they get stuck during a problem.

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