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    What Most Parents Don’t Know About Newborn Children

    If you’re expecting a baby, there are some things you should know about your newborn. In this article, you’ll learn interesting facts about newborn children, including the size of a baby’s head, the size of his or her eyes, and signs of illness.

    Interesting facts about newborns

    Most parents don’t realize how bizarre their newborn child’s physical features are. They might not realize that newborns have supersized heads and eyes, or that their taste buds are mostly limited to sweet and sour. The reason for these features is unknown. In addition, babies have no taste for salt until they’re around four months old. A newborn’s head, for example, is a quarter of the length of its body, while the average adult’s skull is about one-seventh of its total length. And their eyes are 75 percent larger than an adult’s.

    Size of baby’s head

    When a baby is born, it’s important to keep a close eye on his head size. It’s the heaviest part of his body. This is because he needs to use his head to hold his head up. The head is also one of the first parts of the body to be formed.

    Some babies have a larger head than others. This condition is known as macrocephaly, and it affects about 2% to 5% of the U.S. population. While it isn’t a serious medical condition, it can be an indicator of other issues.

    Size of baby’s stomach

    When you’re a new parent, you may wonder if your newborn baby is getting enough food. But did you know that the stomach of a newborn child is much smaller than that of an adult? It’s not uncommon for a newborn’s stomach to hold as little as half a tablespoon at a time!

    Size of baby’s fontanelle

    The size of a baby’s fontanelle is an important part of his or her development. This soft spot is usually diamond-shaped and measures about an inch in diameter. If it appears sunken, the baby may have a problem. To determine if a problem is present, have your baby examined by a medical provider.

    The fontanelle is the soft spot on a newborn’s head where the bones have not fused together. It is located between the bony plates in the skull and is covered by a membrane. In a newborn, there are six fontanels, but most parents will only see the anterior one. You may notice a soft spot or a pulse in the area.

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