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    Top 5 Career Options for Mathematic Students in 2022

    pursuing a career in math (post-graduation) can be highly satisfying.

    There are lots of career choices for mathematics students. And those individuals possessing sound knowledge in math can even receive a salary hike of 35-45% from some of the top recruiters worldwide.

    This does sound promising, doesn’t it? So, without further ado, let’s cut to the chase.

    Here are the top 5 career choices for students pursuing the study of mathematics.

    Follow closely!

    Market Research Analyst

    The prestigious role of a Market Research Analyst is the first in this list of career choices for mathematics students.

    If you choose this profession, you will collect crucial data from competitors and customers. You will help formulate result-reaping strategies and goals. And by performing these responsibilities, you will inevitably contribute to augmenting your consumer base and outwitting your existing competition.

    Furthermore, as a Market Research Analyst, you will be entrusted to perform the following tasks.

    • Designing surveys
    • Tracking current market trends
    • Overseeing future market developments
    • Formulating accurate market research reports over a routine basis
    • Providing information to concerned executives

    Expected median salary per annum:

    As a Market Research Analyst, you will make a median salary of $65 710. With experience, you can expect to make $93 990 (approximately 25% more). Even freshers can expect a decent start-up package of around $48 490.

    Financial Planner

    Dedicated mathematic students aiming for a career can also strive to become financial planners.

    The role of a financial planner is to aid organizations and individuals manage their funds and assets proficiently. They work in tandem with other individuals in charge of handling all finances to ensure nothing goes awry.

    Besides this, there are other vital roles that a financial planner has to perform. Those responsibilities entail as follows:

    • Formulating meticulous finance stratagems for respective individuals and business set-ups
    • Establishing a clear financial objective, adequately analyzing potential financial perils and aiding in investment and retirement plans
    • Assisting organizations in developing a rational marketing investment plan, and real-estate investment tactics and helping set up finances of start-up business projects.

    Expected Median Salary per Annum

    The expected median salary of a financial planner is $68 141. Those with 5-10 years of experience can expect to make around $97 789 – $ 118 090. As for freshers, they can expect a starting salary of $35 008 to $ 41,700.

    Data Scientist

    As per market reports, Data science is making huge waves in its respective sector. Moreover, this trend is consistent worldwide.

    Since the profession primarily involves generating huge chunks of data and discovering patterns, this is a career choice where you can put your mathematic skills to the test.

    Other Key Roles include:

    • Properly studying consumer behavior
    • Analyze acquired data from customers to determine their buying patterns
    • Using the procured data to help improve the overall operations of organizations and corporate institutes

    Expected median salary per annum:

    A data scientist’s expected median salary is between $112 600 to $130,000. Freshers can expect to earn approximately $82 100 to $95,040.

    Of course, those who’ve gathered experience by working in the industry for 4-8 years can expect to make $165,000 (maybe more depending on the job location and the organization they join).

    Business Analyst

    Those seeking a career in India as a Business Analyst will have plenty of reasons to smile. Currently, this is among the most lucrative job options for mathematics students.

    • Business Analysts have to study and examine all previous business practices of the concerned organization and help it progress further.
    • To do that, a Business Analyst will work with other concerned individuals to formulate suitable plans.
    • They will also use large chunks of data to gain proper insights and come up with rational solutions to problems/perils faced by their business establishment.

    As they need to mingle with so much data, their mathematical (& statistical) prowess will come into play.

    However, the demand for quality and skilled Business Analysts goes beyond boundaries and continents. In the US, there is already a booming demand for proficient individuals capable of holding their own when dealing with a seemingly insurmountable amount of data.

    And as per the market forecast, from 2025 to 2030, there will be over 97,000 open positions for eligible mathematic candidates.

    As you can see, the demand is ridiculously high. And with every fleeting moment as companies seek superior methods to formulate plans and gain insights, this demand will continue to spike at an alarming rate.

    Expected median salary per annum:

    The expected median salary for a Business Analyst is $77 812. And with experience, the package and designation will change. The expected salary of a Senior Business Analyst will be $ 101 722.

    And for those who wish to work in India, the expected salary in INR can be around 2.5 – 3 lakhs with just 1 year of industry experience.

    Blockchain developer

    There’s a lot of BUZZ regarding the radicle rise in the demand for a Blockchain Developer. But of course, all of this is with good reasons too. A Blockchain developer is known to have several capabilities.

    From the field of cryptocurrency to business logistics to helping several organizations leverage newer technologies to fabricate result-reaping solutions- a Blockchain developer is the master of all trades!

    This is another fascinating career field that dedicated mathematics students can look into. Of course, to become eligible, you will require a BA degree in Mathematics, Science or Engineering. After that, you will have to procure a respectable course/program certificate in Blockchain specialization.

    Moreover, you will need to be crystal clear on critical concepts such as:

    • Ethereum
    • Smart Contracts
    • And Hyperledger

    The Best Part: 

    Since the demand for a proficient Blockchain developer is snowballing (by 2000- 4000%), its salary packages will obviously be exponentially high too!

    To be precise, aspiring Blockchain developers can expect their median packages to be a whopping 50-100% higher than the salaries of other developers.

    This is why learning specialization in Blockchain development is one of the best courses for mathematics students after graduation.

    Expected median salary per annum:

    Starting package of a Blockchain developer is around $121 875.

    On average, a relatively experienced Blockchain developer will make about $143 952 (or $73.83 every hour they work). And senior-level Blockchain developers can expect a turnaround of $175 760.

    Mathematic students have lots of reasons to be overjoyed. To them, the future certainly seems bright.

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