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    Stranger Things Character Quiz

    Stranger Things Character Quiz

    Whether you’re a fan of the Netflix series or have never seen any of the episodes, you can take a Stranger Things Character Quiz to discover what you’re really like. The quiz is based on the MBTI personality type and matches you with one of the main characters from the show. You’ll learn if you’re more like Eleven, the dependable gang leader, or Dustin, the loner with romantic feelings.

    Eleven is a reliable member of the gang

    Eleven is a telekinetic young woman who is raised in Hawkins Lab, which is an institution specializing in Upside Down phenomena. Eleven has been gifted with the ability to open the Upside Down gates. She is also a capable telepath. When she is attacked by the Mind Flayer, she loses her powers. Eleven then moves to the United States with the Byers family.

    Dustin is a loner

    Dustin Henderson is the central character in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. He is one of the original four protagonists of the show and is now a tritagonist in Season 3. He is best friends with Will Byers and is the brother-figure of Steve Harrington. Dustin becomes involved in the Hawkins lab conspiracy after meeting a test subject named Eleven. His love of science is evident as Dustin attends science camp in Season 3. He also helps keep his friends together when they argue and are at odds with each other.

    Mike is a romantic interest

    Mike is a romantic interest on the Netflix show Stranger Things. He is Will Byers’ best friend and appears to have feelings for Will. The relationship between the two is complicated, and Mike and Will have to navigate a number of issues. In the fourth season, Will reveals that he has feelings for Mike and uses his confession to help Eleven. This scene is very heartbreaking.

    Hawkins is a spooky place

    Stranger Things is a dark and mysterious sci-fi series based in Hawkins, Indiana, where the main character, Will Byers, mysteriously disappears. The mysterious disappearance leads to an investigation, which uncovers dangerous experiments being performed at Hawkins Lab. These experiments opened a portal to the “Upside Down.” Season two dealt with the aftermath of Will’s time in the Upside Down. Season three revealed that Russian scientists were also conducting experiments in the Upside Down.

    Eleven is a scientist

    Eleven is the daughter of Teresa “Terry” Ives, who participated in Project MKUltra experiments. Eleven appears to have been born with psychic abilities, including telekinetic abilities. However, she experiences nose bleeds and suffers temporary weakened state whenever she utilizes her abilities. Brenner subsequently took Eleven away from her mother and raised her in fictional Hawkins, Indiana. Eleven has the ability to use remote viewing to access other dimensions and has even been suspected of international espionage.

    Mike is a loner

    Mike is an extremely unique character in Stranger Things. He is the only person in the series who stays with Will when he is experiencing memory loss. His loyalty to Will is shown in his ability to protect Will when he is being manipulated by the Mind Flayer. However, Mike is also a very loner in other ways.

    Dustin is a reliable member of the gang

    Dustin is a technologically savvy member of the Stranger Things gang. His know-how explains some of the gizmos in the show. He also is the member of Hawkeye’s team. His walkie-talkie has a long range.

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