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    SMS 2 Way Messaging Service: How To Use?

    SMS 2 Way: A one-way street has been the norm for SMS marketing in the past. Simple information distribution was all that businesses did with SMS.

    The ability for customers to connect with businesses through two-way SMS, however, elevates marketing to a new level. 

    As a result, SMS marketing is transformed into a dialogue where businesses may get to know their clients and eventually turn them into brand ambassadors.

    The best option to allow your consumers to communicate or request information even if they are not online is through two-way SMS. 

    You may utilize this service and connect to your current account or directly attach to your back-end apps using the precise SMS 2 Way gateway. 

    Our platform will give you the best option for integrating this service into your current platforms without difficulty, whether you’re searching for a short code SMS service or a 2 way SMS gateway for more than 45 countries across the world. 

    To use the shortcode SMS service when direct services are not offered, Essentially Precise is also linked to shortcode service providers all around the world.

    Two-way SMS: What is it?

    Shortcodes used in the Two Way SMS are generally 3 to 6 digits.

    They are subject to varying laws and restrictions depending on the country.

    Alphanumeric messages sent both incoming. And outbound are combined in two-way SMS (to learn how SMS differs from MMS, click here). 

    With two-way SMS, you can have real-time discussions with your consumers by sending messages and enabling receivers to reply. 

    Using keywords that trigger answers when clients send such keywords to your two-way SMS number, two-way SMS may be automated.

    Benefits of two-way SMS:

    SMS marketing enables companies to plan, automate, and build campaigns. Given that 51% of millennials are prepared to reveal their cell number if an incentive is provided, two-way SMS can be particularly effective.

    Direct and immediate message delivery: Text messages often arrive within a few seconds, allowing businesses to send urgent communications right away. 

    Additionally, SMS’s open and response rates are far greater than emails’. Consumers buy products more quickly when communication is quick and straightforward. 

    Additionally, it promotes prompt answers to other marketing initiatives like surveys.

    By giving your company a fully functional local phone number, 2-way SMS corrects 1-way SMS’s flaws. 

    The waitlist confirmations and appointment reminders sent through the Retention Marketing Dashboard, as well as the automation and Smart Marketing text, offers delivered through the Marketing Suite. And are all powered by 2-way SMS in the Bulk SMS Service.

    In contrast to 1-way SMS, SMS 2 Way enables your company to send customers actual text messages rather than merely emails that have been converted to text. 

    Customers may now reply to two-way messages with pre-programmed instructions (such as “C” to confirm an appointment), and your SMS Blast Service software will update your website as a result.

    How does it Work?

    We recognise that your clients are unaware of the inner workings of SMS technology and don’t care either. 

    They just reply to a text message by pressing “reply” and anticipate it to be delivered to your company. Conversational SMS, in the form of Messenger, was created for this reason; it aims to meet customers where they are.

    These specifics are important for your company, though, as each SMS format serves a particular purpose. 

    One-way SMS is perfect for providing brief updates. And notifications, two-way SMS is made for communications that only need brief answers. And conversational SMS speeds up communication by connecting with other online services.

    Reminding your clients of their forthcoming appointments can help you provide better customer service. Your consumers’ convenience will be extremely beneficial to your organization.

    Person-to-person communication, opt-in/opt-out campaigns, competitions, customer assistance, and SMS chat services are a few examples of two-way SMS use cases.

    SMS competitions often need participants to text a keyword to either a short code or a long code to be included in the drawing.

    Wrapping Up:

    The client is the primary focus of the growth into new channels. They desire the same level of interaction with businesses that they do with their friends. 

    From retail to banking, they have led this transition across industries. Businesses must check several boxes if they want to stand out in a customer-focused environment.

    SMS integration into your channel suite is practical and economical in addition to making consumers happy (win!). 

    The TCPA, a consumer protection law, covers SMS. And was created to guarantee that individuals are only contacted when they wish to be.

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