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    Shilhaandara Resort: Itinerary and best time to visit



    The Shilhaandara Resort is a small luxury hotel located in the picturesque village of Lawa, in the North East of Sri Lanka. The resort offers guests an intimate experience of nature and culture with its exquisite facilities and services. This place is good for a relaxing getaway from the city life.


    How to reach the Shilhaandara Resort


    There are two ways to reach the Shilhaandara Resort:


    By road, you can either travel through the city of Agadir and then take a taxi or walk to the resort. If you are traveling by air, then it’s best that you fly into Marrakech instead of Agadir because it will be less hassle for your group. You’ll also have access to more restaurants, activities and entertainment options at this location than if you were going into town.


    Best time to visit the Shilhaandara Resort


     The best time to visit the Shilhaandara Resort is from October to March. This is because the climate in this area is very pleasant and warm throughout the year. You can enjoy your stay here without any worries of rain or snow.


    The most popular season for tourists is during the months of October and November, as this is when the weather in this area becomes extremely pleasant. The temperature during these months ranges from 25 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius, making it very easy for you to spend your holidays here.


    The other reason why people prefer going to Shilhaandara Resort during these months is because they offer discounts on accommodation rates during this period of time. If you book your stay in advance, you will be able to get a discount rate of up to 50%. You can also book your trip online at their official website so that you do not have to visit them physically.


    Things to do at the Shilhaandara Resort


    The Shilhaandara Resort has many things to do. You can go for a walk in the woods, swim in the river, ride on a horse or camel, take an elephant ride through the jungle and much more!


    Places to visit around the Shilhaandara Resort


    Visit the Sanchi Stupa Ruins, located in the town of Sanchi, about 30 miles north of Bhopal. This UNESCO World Heritage site was built by emperor Ashoka between 250-232 BCE and consists of a series of monuments that represent different eras in history.


    Take an elephant ride through the countryside or enjoy a boat ride on Lake Pichola (also known as Bhor Ghat) which is located near Udaipur City; both these activities can be arranged at Shilhaandara Resort & Spa.


    Explore nearby Temples such as Jain Temple at Todar Mai Ka Talao or Hanuman Mandir at Khajuri Ki Haveli near Mandawa Road Station on either side of National Highway No 3; these temples date back to 13th century AD when they were built by King Rana Kumbha who ruled over Mewar Dynasty during 14th century AD


    Where to eat near the Shilhaandara Resort

    There are several places to eat near the Shilhaandara Resort and they include:


    The Beach House Restaurant – This restaurant offers fresh seafood, salads, soups and other dishes that are made with locally sourced ingredients. They also have live music performances each night at 9pm-11pm.


    Sea Side Restaurant – 

    Located next to their main building, this restaurant has an open-air dining area where you can enjoy views of their private beachfront decking area as well as stunning sunsets over crystal clear waters! Their menu includes steaks & chops, salads & sandwiches as well as delicious deserts like cakes & ice cream floats!


    If you’re looking for something more casual but still delicious then try one off our favorites here: Oasis Bar & Grill located inside Hotel Des Indes


    This place is good for a relaxing getaway.


    Shilhaandara Resort is located in the middle of nature. The resort offers a wide range of activities for tourists to enjoy and explore, including hiking through the forest, white water rafting on the river, horseback riding on our private ranch and much more!


    The resort is also home to a restaurant that serves delicious food made from local ingredients. You can order anything from burgers to pasta dishes or even pizza if you are feeling adventurous!


    There are plenty of things for visitors to do at this beautiful place like go swimming in their private pool or play tennis at their courts as well as relax by sitting under one of our shady trees while listening to music from your mobile device or laptop computer




    And that’s it! Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or want to take your friends on a fun trip, the Shilhaandara Resort can be the perfect destination. It may not be huge or crowded like some other destinations, but it has plenty of unique charm that will satisfy even the pickiest traveler.

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