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    Office Room Design Ideas

    If you’re looking for an office room Design Ideas, you’ve come to the right place. This article shares 15 expert-approved design ideas. These are surefire ways to make your office feel more like a home. From Industrial to Rustic, and even a little Etsy, you’ll find a few ideas you can implement into your office.

    15 expert-approved office room design ideas

    If you’re rearranging your workspace, you need to keep some important things in mind. Firstly, a work space should be comfortable and devoid of distractions. For example, a place where you can move around freely is more likely to inspire you to work. Another tip is to keep the room as light as possible. Bright rooms also have a tendency to inspire you more. Mirrors and lamps reflect light around the room.

    Secondly, make sure you have plenty of natural light, especially if you work by a window. In addition, you should also have enough storage space and a work surface. A workspace should be large enough to accommodate all your essentials, such as a computer and writing materials. It should also have comfortable desk chairs for your workers.

    Thirdly, you should have a place where you can relax. Your work area should be a place where you can think clearly and efficiently. For this, you should make sure that you combine functionality with great design. For example, a built-in bookcase will give you plenty of storage space, and you can also display attractive accessories in it. You can also incorporate attractive baskets for storing clutter. Another great idea is to use color in your office. This will give you a boost during a day that feels like a slog.


    To achieve the industrial office room design idea, you have to use the right elements in your office. For example, you can have upholstered chairs placed alongside a reclaimed Barnwood conference table. Exposed brick walls also help to boost the industrial look. Also, you can use various pieces of furniture to create an eclectic feel.

    An industrial office is also a great option if you want to incorporate a modern sectional sofa. It gives you ample floor space, enough to spread out while still having a comfy seat. Adding earth-toned colors and a unique light fixture can add some atomic edge to your industrial design.

    In order to add the industrial feel to your office, you need to use neutral colors with a touch of pattern. A striped rug in black and white will add some flair. Another option is to use vintage pieces and thrifted finds for finishing touches. Adding open shelving is also a great way to add the industrial feel without going overboard.

    Incorporating geometric designs and bright colors can work well in some offices, but for most, a neutral color palette and natural wood elements will make the space feel more inviting and encourage productivity. You can also use soft grays to blend with bright whites and stunning blacks. Combined with exposed ventilation system, industrial light fixtures and chairs, you can create a well-balanced office that promotes productivity.

    In addition to industrial furniture, you can use a combination of both modern and antique pieces. An Eames chair will be a great fit for an industrial office room. The combination of industrial furnishings and vintage objects adds charm to an otherwise simple space. A flat-screen television and modern wall lamps will complement the industrial design.

    Industrial home decor has become a popular theme for home offices. This no-frills approach will inspire productivity, while being extremely functional. It can include industrial metal desks and raw brickwork. You can also use upcycled wood furniture and cool accessories to make the space unique.


    A rustic office room can be a cozy space to work from. The space should be reminiscent of the outdoors, with natural wood finishes and furniture. For example, an office room with an antique leather armchair will add a noble touch. In addition, a rustic open-shelf desk allows for plenty of functionality without sacrificing style. It will keep the room from feeling cramped or uninviting, and the raw-edge table provides plenty of working space.

    Rustic office design ideas can also include the use of rustic colors. You may also incorporate an open-plan office concept. This can create an open space where you can see colleagues and clients and relax. The furniture should allow for enough storage space. An office desk placed in the center can convey authority over the workspace. You may also add upholstered chairs for extra comfort. Rustic office room design ideas are a great way to channel the intellectual energy of a library in a modern office.

    If you want a rustic look for your office, you may want to incorporate wood furniture and wood planks. Even chopped wood can be used as decor. Courtney from Girl & Grey filled a nook near the ceiling with logs. You can also add a modern accent with stacked wood.

    Another rustic office design idea is to use vintage finds. Using vintage objects will give the room a warm and comfortable ambiance. Using vintage pieces will bring out the unique qualities of these pieces. Shelves made from vintage furniture are particularly attractive, as they add character to a space. One DIY-er, Ana of Fiddle Leaf Interiors, also incorporated a vintage mattress frame, corbels, and stoneware crock.

    A rustic home should include plenty of natural elements and wood furniture. Walls should be painted in neutral colors. You can also use decorative lighting such as twinkling string lights, hanging pendants, and electric aromatherapy lamps. DIY lamp heads and sconces are another great option. You can also add textured wallpaper and wall art.

    Rustic interior decoration is a great way to add character without spending too much. A rustic living space can be transformed into a beautiful and comfortable place to work. Just add some lighting, and you’ll have an inspiring environment for your work.


    If you’re looking for some unique office room design ideas, check out Etsy. This online marketplace for handcrafted goods is home to 200,000 square feet of workspace, including a meditation room, vertical gardens, and dog beds under open-concept desks. The company is located in a 1926 industrial building in Brooklyn that once housed Jehovah’s Witness printing presses. And yes, the concrete floors are still marked with caution tape!

    In addition to having the most environmentally friendly office space in the world, Etsy is also committed to preserving the environment. Its 200,000-square-foot headquarters is among the largest Living Building Challenge Petal-Certified buildings in New York City, and is one of only a few tech companies to achieve this certification.

    The company’s office is designed to evoke the company’s values and mission. Its mission is to provide “a world of special things” – and it reflects that mission. The interior design, for example, highlights handmade artisan products, with more than 750 handmade maker pieces. Using sustainable and locally-sourced materials throughout the office was important for Etsy. The space features art installations, handmade furniture, and reclaimed wood, among other things.

    In addition to using sustainable and local materials, Etsy’s headquarters incorporates elements that promote health and well-being. The Etsy headquarters also incorporates abundant indoor plants and daylight, as well as biophilic design principles. These elements promote a healthy and happy work environment.

    One of the most innovative ways to make your office more environmentally-friendly is to bring nature inside. Houseplants, organic materials, and natural color palettes are great ways to do this. In the case of Etsy, the company’s former headquarters has been transformed into an office space that incorporates a “green library.” In addition, employees stitched logo panels and architectural felted wool screens were used as room dividers.

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