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    How To Draw Joker Easy Drawings For 7 Years Olds

    Easy Drawings For 7 Year Olds Superheroes come in a wide variety, and all have amazing and mind-blowing powers. Joker has become one of the most well-liked superheroes in recent years despite not possessing any special abilities. Instead, he defends the Gothic city of Gotham using his cunning and amazing tools.

    There are millions of admirers of Batman all around the world, and many of them would like to learn how to sketch their beloved hero. This article will demonstrate how to recreate this fantastic hero! Prepare yourself for this easy 6-step tutorial on how to draw Joker!

    Step-by-Step Joker Drawing


    • This drawing tutorial will begin with Batman’s head. Batman dons a recognizable mask with two elongated ears on top.
    • There is a gap in front of his mouth and chin and what appear to be blank, white eyes.
    • Because this drawing is fairly intricate, study the reference image carefully while you work. To make things simpler, you may begin by rough sketching the outline of your head with a pencil.
    • Add some finer elements afterwards, like his pointed ears and sombre-looking eyes. Then, add the details for his c, the lines above his eye, and facial features like his mouth and nose.
    • Draw some lines beneath his chin to represent the curve of his neck, and then begin his shoulders with more curved lines to complete the drawing.


    • Draw his arms and chest after that.
    • We’ll sketch Batman’s chest and draw his arms for the next section of the image. Complete the base of his mask, down to his shoulders, first.
    • We’ll use some rounded lines to represent his shoulders and more to represent the muscles in his arms.
    • Once those are underway, we may turn our attention to his chest. The characteristic bat emblem will be drawn on his breast once we create rounded lines representing this.
    • Finally, add a few more rounded lines to represent his waist, and we’re ready to move on to step 3!


    • At this point, complete his arms, waist, and belt.
    • We will be working on a few different things for this section of our how to draw Batman tutorial. We’ll start by drawing the remainder of his arms.
    • Three spiky protrusions from his gloves, which nearly reach his elbows, can be seeHis chest and waist muscles will then be depicted utilizing a lot of tiny, curved lines.
    • We will also depict Batman’s utility belt, which is well-recognized for being filled with tools.
    • To draw his belt, draw a few little pouches joined to a few horizontal straight lines. Step 4 is now necessary.


    • After that, begin sketching his cape and legs.
    • We will now begin to draw Batman’s cape since he wouldn’t look as amazing without it. Draw a curved line from the left arm, slightly downward and outward.
    • The bottom of this cape will also have some sharp bends. The tops of his legs and hips will be depicted later using curved and rounder lines.
    • We can proceed after it resembles the reference image, so do that now!


    • Complete your Batman drawing.
    • We will add more features to Batman’s cape and complete his legs to complete the drawing instructions for Batman.
    • To make his cape look more flowing, first,t created another long, curved form on the right side with sharp points at the end.
    • We’ll finish off his legs after that. His boots, which extend to just below his knees, will be drawn. When his boots look just as they do in the picture, you’re ready to add some colour!
    • You can add any last details and unique components before you proceed. Maybe you could depict him standing on top of a tall structure in Gotham City?

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