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    How to Draw A Zombie Easily

    How to Draw A Zombie. Zombie is a corpse believed to have been revived by sorcery. Belief in zombies varies greatly between different religions.

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    However, zombies of different faiths share the same behavior: they crave human flesh and can turn a human into a zombie when someone is bitten.

    The sinister arrival of zombies and the unknown behind their existence make them so interesting to draw.

    Luckily, we’ve created a step-by-step process of drawing a zombie, summed up in 9 simple and easy steps.

    Each guide comes with an illustration that acts as a visual guide and makes the whole process much easier for you to Draw A Zombie!

    How to Draw A Zombie

    Step 1

    Draw a square with rounded edges at the top of the paper to create the zombie’s head. Next, draw a half circle on each side of the zombie’s head to form the left and right ears.

    To ensure the zombie is drawn in the center, you can create reference lines by drawing an intersecting horizontal and vertical line.

    On the vertical line above the horizontal line, you should outline the head.

    By drawing the head at the top, there will be room at the bottom of the paper for the entire zombie body to Draw A Zombie.

    Step 2

    Draw two horizontal lines just below the zombie’s head. The distance between the lines depends on how thick you want the zombie’s torso to be. The wider the gap, the more muscular the zombie will look.

    Next, draw a horizontal line down and connect the two endpoints of the vertical line. This outlines the shirt the zombie is wearing.

    Zombies usually wear damaged and dirty clothes, so don’t forget to add more curved lines to create rips at the bottom hem of the shirt to Draw A Zombie!

    Step 3

    Draw two diagonal lines under the zombie’s shirt. Next, draw a slightly curved horizontal line connecting both endpoints. This forms the zombie’s lower body.

    Next, add a short vertical line starting at the bottom center of the lower body. Then draw an upward curve at the top of the vertical line. This creates a separation between the left and right leg to Draw A Zombie.

    Step 4

    Draw a curved line below each pant leg with a horizontal line at the bottom to create a pair of shoes.

    As you can see in the image, the zombie’s feet point opposite directions to Draw A Zombie.

    Step 5

    Complete the zombie shirt by drawing a curved line across the neck, forming the collar.

    Next, draw a diagonal line with a horizontal line on each side of the zombie’s body to create the sleeves of the shirt the zombie is wearing.

    Remember to add some rips to the collar hem and sleeves too! This creates the illusion of damaged clothing and makes your drawing look more realistic to Draw A Zombie!

    Step 6

    With one hand, pull one arm under each sleeve. The easiest way to tighten a hand is to draw it in the shape of a fist, so we’ve done just that in this step.

    Just draw an irregular circular shape with the edges and then draw a few lines inwards, forming the thumb to Draw A Zombie.

    Step 7

    For an even more dramatic effect, draw an ax hitting the zombie’s head. Because the ax was smashed into his skull, the blade would not have been fully visible.

    Zombies are humans who have risen from the dead. The cause of death remains open.

    In this case, we attacked this zombie in the head with a sharp axe. It’s pretty brutal. However, this makes the zombie even scarier!

    Step 8

    Continuing with the facial features, draw two circular shapes to create the eyes. Then, inside each eye, draw a smaller circular shape in different places.

    This creates the pupil of the eye. Shade the entire pupil leaving a small unshaded circle inside and outside. Remember to add some lines around the eyes to create the look of wrinkles!

    Next, draw a shape that will form the zombie’s mouth. In the mouth, draw a curved line at the bottom for the tongue and square shapes at the top for some visible teeth.

    Don’t worry if the shape of the eyes is quite different! The more irregular they are, the scarier the zombie’s facial expression will be to Draw A Zombie.

    Step 9

    Make you’re drawing more dramatic by adding more patterns and details here and there.

    Draw a line across the lid of the head with several short lines to create the illusion of a stitched wound.

    Next, add some irregular shapes over the shirt and pants. This creates the appearance of bloodstains on the zombie’s clothing, making it even more spooky to Draw A Zombie!

    That’s it – you’ve successfully drawn a terrifying zombie. Now it’s time for the long-awaited part, which is coloring your drawing.

    Zombies are usually depicted with greenish skin mainly due to their rotting skin, as they are dead. On the other hand, their clothing is just like any other clothing a human would wear.

    Feel free to use any color you like for the clothes, but make sure they look as dirty as possible.

    Your Zombie Drawing is Finished!

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