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    How To Create The Perfect Soundscape For Your Home

    Would you love to create a better home environment using Soundscape ? This article will help you to do just that, for a more relaxing and peaceful family space.


    You’ve decluttered, you have a storage unit setup to create more space, you’ve freshly decorated, but something is missing. Your home is too quiet.


    Sometimes we need some help to create the perfect home atmosphere that goes far beyond aesthetics. In this article we want to explore different sound options for your home. Hopefully, the right soundscape will perfect the family space in exactly the way that you need:Betty White bloopers


    White noise


    White noise has many benefits. Firstly, if you have a young child, a white noise machine can be a great way to get them off to sleep on a consistent basis. White noise works by focusing the mind and almost hypnotises them into sleep. It also works on adults too. That’s why many people sleep with a fan on in their room, even in winter.

    Another benefit for those of you that work from home is that white noise can help you concentrate. Again by almost hypnotising you into focusing.

    You can either buy a white noise machine, or you can simply watch one of the many white noise videos on youtube that have 8hr long tracks to keep your mind occupied.



    Music is a great source of energy in your home. The acoustics in your home can make your favourite music sound amazing when it starts bouncing off the walls. Just be respectful of the neighbours, if you want to stay friendly with them…Remember everyone has individual tastes, and that 80 year old couple next door might not be the biggest fans of death metal.

    On the flip side, playing music gently in the background is a great way to set a mood in your home. It’s great for adding ambience during a dinner party – Mexican food on the menu? Mexican music is the perfect accompaniment…



    Podcasts are a great way to learn about different topics, listen to interviews with influential people and just generally discover new things.

    Podcasts are some of the best and easiest content to consume. It’s also great to pop on a podcast and do something other than staring at your phone or laptop.


    Ambient noise

    Similar to white noise, ambient noise can also have the same effect. During lockdown many freelance workers missed sitting in a busy coffee shop and resorted to videos such as this one to replace that same feeling.

    It’s strangely effective and that almost nonsensical noise in the background can really trick your mind into focusing much better than listening to something more engaging such as music or a podcast.



    Soundproofing your house might seem like an odd way to introduce more noise into your home, but this isn’t about eliminating noise altogether – it’s about channelling the right noise.

    Let’s say you put some heavy curtains over those windows facing the main road at the front of your house, and open up the windows to your back garden. Now let’s say that you pop out a few bird feeders and hey presto! You’ve got yourself an all-natural bird-song noise generator.

    This is all about being strategic about what noise you allow into your home instead of just being bombarded with all the surrounding noise. If you are surrounded by noise pollution then soundproofing completely can provide great peace and relaxation.

    What Will Your Home Soundscape Be?


    Hopefully the suggestions above have inspired you to cultivate your very own soundscape that gets you relaxed and feeling great about your environment. With the right sounds, you can truly align all your senses for a fantastic home that the entire family feels happy and comfortable in.

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