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    How Hard Is It To Install A Starlight Headliner?

    The professional installation method requires an exceptional amount of expertise, precision, and delicate handling. This is all that is maintained throughout installing hundreds, or even thousands, of fiber optics inside a vehicle’s headliner. This will result in the most beautiful headliner you can get from a starlight source for your car. However, it is much more complicated than driveway installation at your home.

    “Starlights for Everyone”

    This has left many car enthusiasts starless. Our Starlight head liners and starlight kits are available for all makes and models of vehicles. Choose color options, twinkle, shooting stars, and dimmer settings to create your desired ambient environment with your Starlight Headliner!

    The Rolls-Royce Starlight Headliner is made.

    Since the Starlight Headliner feature in 2007, when it was introduced with 800 light bulbs in the Rolls-Royce Phantom, it has been expanded to 1,340 lights which extend across the entire roof. The brightness of the starlight head liner can be set via the vehicle’s infotainment system to suit the driver’s mood.

    Rolls-Royce has revealed that its skilled craftsmen take approximately 9 hours to create their Starlight Head liner but more than 17 hours to design an individual pattern’s template. The leather material of choice is initially perforated using holes between 800 and 1,600, with each hole carefully measured. The holes created are then filled with fiber optic lights. The artisans check the length of the fibers to ensure that it’s correct, particularly on the hidden part. They also contain that they are placed on the visible side of the leather and ready to shine.

    The company also stated that it could take up to 20 hours to design Starlight Headliner with 1,340 fiber optic lights from the Wraith (limited edition) Luminary Collections. And the exact constellation of stars in every Starlight Head liner is unique to the individual customer.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    How do you install it?

    Installing a starlight header is simple and can be completed by most Dyers. First, you must take off the ceiling panel inside your vehicle. After that, you’ll need to cut the new headliner panel to make it fit. After the board has been cut, you’ll have to join the cables of your headliner and the battery. Then, you’ll need to install the ceiling panel and secure it to the ceiling.

    How long will an Astor-lumen headliner take?

    The constellation of every Starlight Head liner is unique to the individual who owns it. Usually, it takes nine hours to create the pattern. However, a customized design requires a particular template, which could take up to 17 hours to complete. Two skilled craftspeople from Rolls-Royce combined their talents to create this fantastic feature.

    What is the cost to have a headliner with a star installed?

    In general, you can expect a headliner for starlight to start at around $900 for a smaller number of light sources and to pay about $2000 and up to install more significant numbers of starlight’s.

    What automobiles have stars on their ceiling?

    This Rolls-Royce Starlight Headliner has three versions: the Phantom, the Ghost, and the Wraith. This spellbinding Rolls-Royce-exclusive feature incorporates 600 and 2,900 hand-placed fiber-optic stars in your motor car’s leather roof lining.

    Which car brands are the most popular?

    Subaru could be our most used car logo with the shape of a star. Six hot blue stars are well organized within the background of dark blue, representing night or space sky.


    Starlight headliners are a fantastic option to make your vehicle stand out from other cars. They can also enhance visibility inside your car when driving at night and help create an enjoyable and relaxing ambiance. If you’re interested in installing one, follow the guidelines carefully and talk to an expert when needed.

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