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    Desert Safari Dubai And Dhow Cruise Marina Are the Most Favorite Tourist Activities

    The best time to schedule a trip is in the spring season. The weather is ideal for planning a vacation to any tourist destination. Unquestionably, Dubai is one of the Middle East’s most admired travel destinations. The city has the best combination of plentiful natural resources and ultra-modern infrastructure. The city enjoys access to the beach and one of the most stunning deserts in the world. This makes it more appealing as a travel destination because it is unique. Here, going on safari in the spectacular desert is relatively common. People travel here from around the world to experience the excitement and fun of a Desert Safari Dubai. On the other hand, Dubai’s stunning traditional Dhow cruises are also among the city’s most popular tourist attractions.


    Dhow cruises in Dubai are old-fashioned wooden boats converted into floating eateries. In the evening, they give a stunning appearance similar to thousands of lights floating in the sea. Over a 3-kilometer stretch of the Persian Gulf Shoreline, Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city. All along this section of the city, there is a beautiful canal. On this canal are the lavish floating eateries known as dhow cruises. The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina offers live entertainment, such as a live DJ, belly dance, and Tanura dance shows, as well as an onboard restaurant that serves the best food available and meets the level of a 5-star restaurant.

    The city’s prominent buildings can be seen on both sides of the canal. While savoring the mouthwatering cuisine of the restaurant, diners can view the JBR skyscrapers, AIN Dubai, and the Cyan towers. However, Dubai Marina is most beautiful at night. The canal’s water sparkles like millions of diamonds due to the light beams. The entire scene is nothing less than a romantic scene from a Hollywood film. The live DJ and other entertainment raise the beauty of the whole thing. If Dubai is on your vacation itinerary, you should not miss this experience. However, to make your experience at Desert Safari Dubai and Dhow Cruise Marina even more spectacular, you can consult Oasis Palm Tourism, Dubai, to plan an unforgettable trip for you.

    So, How Dhow Cruise Dubai Makes Your Trip Unforgettable?

    Dinner Buffet:

    Having a fantastic dinner buffet is one of the best things about the dhow cruise. You will witness the taste of authentic Arabian cuisine as Arabian cuisines are far different and offer a unique flavor that you might encounter a few times in your life.

    Live Entertainment:

    You will witness a lot of entertainment activities while you are on the dhow cruise. Dubai is famous for its belly dancers and Tanura performers, and you will witness both of these performances in your Dhow Cruise journey.


    Breathtaking City Sights

    Witnessing the breathtaking city views is another fantastic aspect of the dhow cruise. You will get to see Dubai’s stunning infrastructure while dining making it an unforgettable moment.

    The Dhow cruise is a delightful experience, but the Desert Safari Dubai adds some excitement to your journey. If you choose the evening safari, it includes dinner, pick-up, and drop-off from the hotel, activities at the campsite, and dune bashing. However, if you are looking for some action, dune bashing is the most thrilling activity on the safari. You are driven across the large and little dunes of the desert in a 4×4 land cruiser. Because you are traveling on this golden miracle without knowing where you are going, the splashing sand and the unpaved roads heighten the degree of thrill. However, it is advised to use a travel company like Al Wasl Dhow, Dubai, to prevent any inconveniences.


    Later, you are taken to an elegantly constructed Bedouin campsite where lots of fun is in store after the dune bashing. Quad biking is also a fun-to-do activity with loved ones or friends. Both children and young adults in the family enjoy this. It’s entertaining to mimic the belly dancers’ movements. You will have a hard time matching even one step as the dancers display their artistic delicacy. The Tanura dancers are likewise excellent, spinning gracefully while wearing their traditional attire. During the night, the golden sand transforms into diamond dust, reflecting the moonlight throughout the entire area. A dinner served beneath a starry open sky adds a lot of charm to the evening. Your mouth will be left with an unforgettable taste that will linger in it for many years because the dinner itself is so extravagant and elegantly prepared.

    So, How Does Desert Safari Dubai Makes Your Trip Unforgettable?

    Catching The Sun Rising Over The Sand Dunes

    You should visit the enormous Arabian Desert during dawn when the Sun is closest to the horizon and brightest. Admire the golden glory while taking in the magnificence. The most beautiful sight in the desert is, without a doubt, the sunrise.

    Exploring The Arabian Desert

    The most thrilling activity of Dubai’s most incredible desert safari is a morning jeep safari trip in a 4×4 SUV through the blustery wind and sand. The jeep usually picks you up from the camp and takes you on an exciting ride that leaves you with a lifelong memory.

    Riding A Camel To Take A Wonderful Stroll In The Arabian Desert

    In Dubai, a camel safari usually takes place in the morning and lasts an hour or so. You can tour the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and discover the desert’s wildlife while riding in a camel caravan. Another highlight of the camel safari in the desert is the falcon exhibition, where visitors can stroll around and take pictures with the stunning bird.


    Skiing Through The Thrilling Lands Of The Arabian Desert

    Sand skiing is a unique adventure that can be enjoyed on Dubai’s vast lands of sand. Some of the dunes reach heights of 200–300 meters, making them perfect for sand skiing. You can feel the sand under your skis as you quickly descend. That is the pinnacle of enjoyment!

    Quad-Biking Like A Pro

    Riding a quad bike is one of the most thrilling activities to do on a Dubai desert safari. On a Dubai trip, quad riding is perfect for thrill-seekers who want to navigate bends and explore the magnificence of the Arabian desert.

    Taking A Memorable Flight Over The Arabian Desert In A Hot Air Balloon

    On a hot air balloon tour, you can witness the vast Arabian desert. The 24-person capacity hot air balloon gives off an adrenaline rush as it soars through the skies while providing breathtaking scenes. Around here, you can see some of the desert species, primarily consisting of gazelles and camels.

    Enjoying A Night Full Of Glamorous Activities

    A night doesn’t get better than this with a variety of entertainment and activities like stilt dancing, swirling, fire eating, and glamorous belly dancing. Pitch your comfortable tent with your friends and family and take in the exciting moments. So, spend the night under the stars and enjoy a Dubai desert safari with BBQ, a bonfire, and festivities.

    Satisfying Your Cravings With Mouthwatering Cuisines

    Dubai cuisine is well known for its delectable tastes and flavors! During Dubai’s desert safari, a range of scrumptious Lebanese and Iranian cuisine is available as buffets along with traditional kebabs, hummus, and other tasty treats. The music and belly dancing throughout dinner create a setting evocative of an Arabian night!

    Witnessing A Peaceful Night With Shining Stars

    Dune-bashing, desert safaris, and stargazing are all included in Desert Safari Dubai. Most nights are chilly and windy, making them the perfect time to get in your SUV and take a date with your loved one. Spend some time in the middle of the night appreciating the beauty of the Arabian desert by driving all the way to the dunes. Camping and breakfast in the morning are the most common pairings offered during an overnight desert safari in Dubai.


    So, these are some of the greatest activities to do on a dhow cruise and desert safari in Dubai. Both of these activities are excellent choices if you are searching for a thrilling adventure or a peaceful encounter. Whatever option you select, you will undoubtedly enjoy your visit to Dubai.

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