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    I know I’m not alone when I say that cereal is my favourite breakfast food! And why not? Custom cereal packaging helps me jumpstart my day, giving me the energy I need to face the challenges of the day, whether it’s going to work or helping out with chores around the house. But there’s no reason you have to stick to boring old boxes of cereal when you can get some custom cereal boxes that are just as fun and colourful as your favourite cereals! Let me show you some unique ideas for custom cereal packaging that you’ll fall in love with!

    Use your imagination

    Custom cereal packaging design isn’t always the most common. However, if you have a more unique idea in mind then there are plenty of ways to get it done!

    i.            If you’re looking for something more traditional, then going with a custom sticker might be the right option for you. Stickers are easy enough to put on and can still easily be removed when it’s time for a change or new flavour. You could even use the sticker as an advertisement or part of your marketing campaign. For example, if you’re opening up a pop-up shop, people will love seeing your logo on their favourite box of cereal!

    ii.            A popular trend these days is crowdfunding–so why not go ahead and crowdfund some ideas? There are tons of sites out there where you can post pictures and ask others for their input. It will not only help to generate new ideas, but it also serves as a promotion to get people talking about your product.

    iii.            Add small prizes inside the custom cereal boxes. Kids love surprises and getting something extra inside the box will make them feel special!

    Think outside the box

    1. You can make the box into a character or toy by including a pop out piece of cereal with a cereal character, like an M&M or small toy, inside.

    2. You can include a QR code on the back of the custom cereal boxes that leads to videos and games related to your product.

    3. You can send coupons and discounts to people who follow you on social media through their mailboxes!

    4. Put some cereal in a cup with milk, then snap a photo of it!

    5. Make the back of the box into an advertisement for other products by using other promotional materials such as stickers, magnets, and postcards that customers can also buy from you!

    Recreate Old Times

    Recreating a cereal box from decades ago is as simple as using an old template you have laying around. However, if you don’t have one, there are various websites that offer templates. Once you’ve got your template, it’s time to customize the artwork and design. There are tons of sites where you can find free stock photos that would be perfect for your custom cereal packaging! Once you have your final design in place and ready to go, all that’s left is to print and cut out the pieces of paper so they fit inside the box properly.

    Get Creative with Shape and Size

    Get Creative with Shape and Size

    Are you looking for some creative packaging ideas to really stand out from your competition? Here are unique ideas of custom cereal packaging Get Creative with Shape and Sizewell give you an edge over the competition.

    1) A custom cereal packaging with a window.

    2) A cereal box that looks like a treasure chest.

    3) A cereal box shaped like a gorilla head.

    4) Cereal boxes in the shape of a character’s head, such as Mickey Mouse or Dora the Explorer. 5) Custom cereal boxes made from recycled materials, such as used cardboard boxes and bottles, etc.

    6) Package your cereal in tins – perfect for people who want to reuse their tins after they’re finished eating their cereals!

    Use Eco-Friendly Materials

    Lately, there has been a rise in eco-friendly materials used in the food packaging industry. This is great news because this material is usually less expensive and more sustainable than the materials traditionally used. In addition, these materials are often quite innovative and can add some extra flair to your custom cereal packaging.

    Custom cereal Packaging made from recycled paper is a great option because it is inexpensive, sustainable, and versatile. It can be printed with a variety of techniques including screen printing or offset printing which will give it a nice finish.



    Custom Cereal packaging can be used to create a personal connection between the customer and the product. There are many ways to customize your cereal, from making it personalized for a specific person, to creating artwork that has meaning to you. The best part is that there are no limitations on what you can do, as long as you use your imagination! Whether you want to make it customized or leave it simple, custom cereal packaging is an excellent marketing tool.

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