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    Buran Ghati: everything you need to be aware of


    Buran Ghati Trek is a strenuous trek that takes you through the most picturesque and tranquil areas in Uttarakhand. It’s the perfect destination to those seeking something new and exciting to experience in this area of India. Buran Ghati Trek is a great option. Buran Ghati Trek begins from Dehradun and concludes at Almora with a distance of approximately 150 km (93 miles). 

    What exactly is Buran Ghati Trek?

    Buran Ghati Trek is a high-altitude trekking route in Garhwal Himalayas. It’s a challenging trek that you can undertake in a group or on your own. The ideal time to visit Buran Ghati is in winter , as it gets often every day, and there are a lot of locations where you can stay for the night like Kalpa, Janki Devi Temple and many more.


    What are the reasons to trek through Buran Ghati?

    If your in the mountains you’d like to be in awe. Buran Ghati is an amazing spot to explore. The hike is difficult but serene with breathtaking views, diverse terrain, and warm people who can make your trip unforgettable. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to escape the bustle of the city for a bit of time and be in touch with the natural world.


    Which is the best time to go on Buran Ghati Trek?

    The best time to take this trek Buran Ghati Trek falls between the months of June to September. The winters can be cold, but not too hot that you cannot take a hike early in the morning. In reality, you’ll need to wear layers as it can get extremely cold at night in the winter.


    How difficult is it to climb Buran Ghati Trek?

    The level of difficulty for the hike will vary according to the season. In winter, it’s not feasible to trek there due to the heavy snowfall and severe conditions for weather. It can also be hazardous due to the risk of landslides which happen during this time.

    The ideal time to go on a trek through Buran Ghati is during summer or early autumn, as there are less tourists visiting this region of Uttarakhand. You will be able to easily locate accommodation close to your departure location and plan for meals at least one time per day while traveling through this gorgeous region!


    What kind of accommodations will we be able to find on the hike?

    If you’re on a hike it is likely various kinds of accommodations. The majority of them are simple and clean, however it is secure and comfortable.

    The most popular kind of lodging is known as “bungalow” which is a tiny home or hut. The type of lodging is usually located on the outskirts of the town or on the river’s bank, in which people live in their boat (Ghati). If we take a deeper dive into the region of Uttarakhand there are higher-end hotels that offer more amenities than bungalows, however, they haven’t yet reached high-end standards yet.


    What is the cost to go on Buran Ghati Trek? Buran Ghati Trek?


    The price of the Buran Ghati Trek will depend on the amount of time you’re planning to spend there, as well as the size of your group. If you are planning to stay for one or two days, it’s about Rs 6000 per person for a day. If, however, you plan to stay for longer than two weeks, you will pay around 20-25K per week per person according to how many guidesor porters are employed (the lesser they use, the lower the cost).


    How can I reach the base camp to start your trek? Buran Ghati Trek?


    It is possible to get to Buran Ghati base camp by road. Buran Ghati camp base via roads, but it’s preferable to fly. The nearest terminal to camp’s base is Bagdogra Airport and it takes about 1 hour to travel the base camp via Kolkata (Calcutta).


    The most efficient method to get to the airport is to take a car or taxi. It is also possible to hire an SUV for your trip for those who want to cut down on the road and get a more comfortable rides at the same time!


    Where is begin the Buran Ghati trek begin where is it, and where will it finish?

    Buran Ghati trek Buran Ghati trek begins at starting from the Buran Ghati Base Camp which is situated at an altitude of 4500m. You can choose to take an jeep or trek up to the point. It will take about five weeks to finish the journey and you’ll be spending your nights sleeping in tents or in huts on the way.

    If you’re in search of an adventurous yet serene hike and a peaceful environment, this is the perfect choice for you.


    If you’re seeking a strenuous yet tranquil hike, this is the perfect trek for you. It is the Ghati Sar Rinpoche Trek is one of the most well-known hikes across India as well as recognized to be among the top hikes in the world. It’s an 8-day hike which begins from Banbassa and finishes in Manurhagchuli Monastery on the banks of the River Teesta in Darjeeling district.

    The trail goes through several villages along the way. These include Ghumti Ghati (3 Kilometers), Siwal Churi (7 kilometers) and Ghumti Bishnupur (11 kilometers). The majority of people will go on this hike at most once or twice in their lives Here are some of the facts we have learned about the trek:



    This is a challenging adventure, and is not suitable for the faint of heart. It’s a rough, rocky terrain and has many steep descents and climbs and it’s essential to be fit and healthy in order to complete this hike. There are however stunning views throughout the trek which are worth the effort!


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