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    Best Team Collaboration Platforms in 2022 for Better Productivity

    The internet has changed the way people do their day-to-day chores. More and more people prefer to use online tools for various reasons. Apart from being more efficient, users also find online tools more comfortable. Online tools are available in different formats and are designed to meet the specific needs of a particular person. The most popular online tools include websites, applications, and tools.

    Business communication involves individuals who are experts in their field, and they work together to make a significant difference in the company.

    Their usage and preference are based on the services and experience it provides. A business collaboration platform must never compromise the privacy of its users.

    Troop Messenger

    TM is one of the most popular apps for business collaboration. It is available in more than ten languages and has features other apps do not. Because it is a secure chat app, it is widely trusted by military organizations and the Government.


    • TM has options to edit the message once after it is sent.
    • The chat messages exchanged across the Burnout window gets self-destructed once the session expires.
    • Features required for collaboration like screen sharing, group chats, live chats and high-quality audio and video calls are present.
    • It also has a preview option and a filter feature to sort the messages from hundreds of them to make the task easy.
    • With Troop Messenger, it is quick and convenient to have group collaboration with up to fifty people in an accessible place.

    Microsoft Teams

    Teams are most of the most accessible and most comfortable apps to use. First-time users can easily understand it, and the features are self-explanatory.

    Is Microsoft Teams free? Yes, as it allows enough features without any price to be used by team members to boost productivity as cost can be a hindrance for improvement of skills in teams.


    • Many customization options are available, from layout to viewing emails, sorting them out to completely discarding them.
    • Microsoft has various apps that serve different purposes, and in Teams, it syncs other apps into a single one to save time. Other applications can be integrated too.
    • The application on mobile has a user-friendly interface and a simple layout.
    • One-to-one voice and video calls can be done along with group calls also.
    • There is a whole new experience for team leads to manage their team members.


    Trello is unlike other collaboration apps as it represents tasks in the form of boards or cards. The cards are rectangular, which makes this tool pleasing to look at.


    • Managing and creating boards is easy, which makes the team more organized.
    • Updates can be quickly done. New members can be added instantly, and work can be assigned without delay.
    • The drag and drop feature avoids scrolling through many pages and switching tabs.
    • Trello provides a unique collaboration experience.
    • All the members are shown on one screen, making it easy to see who has been allowed with the particular task.


    GitHub is designed for business meetings and connecting employees via a virtual network. It is a software development platform used to manage projects.


    • It offers features such as code review, source control, and collaboration for developers working on a project.
    • GitHub is popular because it provides users with an easy way to share code and resources between team members.
    • In addition, GitHub allows teams to track changes made to files in the project’s repository so that everyone can agree on what changed and when it happened.
    • This makes collaboration much more accessible than using other platforms that don’t offer this type of feature set.

    Collaboration apps and Team Productivity

    Applications can be used for team collaboration, and it boosts productivity. By using applications, employees can share documents easily, communicate more effectively and track their work progress in real-time. This helps to increase the organization’s teamwork spirit and improve efficiency levels. Moreover, by using these applications, employees can resolve any issues that may arise quickly and efficiently without going through an internal process or communication channels which could lead to delays or conflicts.

    Applications are essential to modern workflows, whether in individual offices or across large corporations. They allow for quick and easy sharing of documents, tables, pictures, and other information. They can also be used for collaborative work, in which team members can simultaneously work on the same paper or project.

    In 2022, there are many factors to be considered for calling an app the best collaboration tool.

    Collaborative working can be advantageous in several ways like:

    • It can boost productivity by minimizing misunderstanding and disagreements.
    • It can help to overcome any cultural or language barriers by speeding up the completion of projects.


    Organizations need to create a productive work environment. This can be done by using online tools as it can manage work schedules, track progress, and provide feedback. Additionally, online tools can be used to improve the workflow of employees. This is by creating a system that is organized and efficient. This system can be implemented using online tools or traditional methods.

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