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    7 Elegant Small Mandir Designs and Features for home

    There is no dearth of wooden mandir design for home on the internet. One can enter the dimensions and measures of the room and find the design that will blend with the house. There are many options in terms of materials, size, designs, accessories, and types of spaces for the mandir. These designs take into account elements of Vaastu that capture positive energies and permeate them throughout the house.

    It is impossible to have a large mandir for lack of space for apartments or tiny houses. In many homes, one may want a small Mandir even if there is a dedicated room for a temple. With their quaint size and beautiful designs, small mandirs can capture the essence of spiritual power needed to give one a feeling of serene divinity. Though its size may be small, there is much that one can do to make the mandir beautiful.

    7 Elegant Small Mandir Designs and Features for home

    Mandir door

    An ornate temple door with small bells or the design of Ganesha, Swastika, Om or Goddess Lakshmi, or Saraswati will integrate it as part of the home décor. A beautifully engraved door adds aesthetic value to the mandir and makes one curious about peeking in to see the sanctum sanctorum. Adding some light inside or hanging lamps will give the entire surrounding of the mandir a beautiful frame.

    Pedestal or shelf in the nook

    In one corner of the room that faces North or East, one can build a mandir from floor to ceiling. Corners are generally unobtrusive spaces where one keeps a side table, lamp, or vase. Instead, you can create a sanctimonious space for yourself to sit and meditate, separated from the rest of the house. One can have a shelf, a mandir on the floor, a multi-step mandir, or a hole in the wall. It is essential to ensure that there is space to sit or stand comfortably, and when you light the diyas, if there is smoke, it shouldn’t blacken the walls.

    Mandir to hang on the wall

    For tiny houses, a hang-on-the-wall mandir design in home is the best idea, especially if you are placing the mandir in a room or the kitchen. There are many styles and designs with small shelves and drawers where one can store their pooja articles and even space to keep lamps and pooja thali. Look for utility, function, and style when selecting a wall-hanging mandir unit. Since it takes minimum space, it must have smartly integrated storage space and area to occupy the idols.

    Ornate background with a hanging shelf

    With the floral pattern design, mandala design, and design of Om or Swastika, many ornate backgrounds can be adapted to all types of walls and mandir sizes. One can also add jaali work on which flowers and bells can be hung. If the pedestal is kept on the floor, the backdrop can cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling, and if it is a hanging mandir, then the mandir can be hung atop the background to give a feeling of space. A serene backdrop with calming colors can invoke pious emotions.

    A miniature version of a traditional temple design

    The traditional wooden mandir design for home is fairly popular with the gopurams and shikhara. These can be made more ornate by adding small pillars with designs, grooves, and mandala engravings. The temple doors can be given elaborate South Indian temple designs, and one can create space for keeping the deepams. South Indian Temples mostly have step pedestals with the Deepa Stambh held at the bottom step and space to keep diyas and flowers. This can be created in miniature sizes while maintaining the aesthetics.

    Mandir partition with jharokhas

    Create a small mandir room in the house by making partitions with jharokhas or a small enclosure. Suppose you want to put a mat on the floor, create a proper space to keep large lamps or make an elaborate wall design with beautiful backdrops, sceneries, lighting, and much more. In that case, an enclosure will create a charming room that will emanate the innate positivity and purity of a mandir.

    Backlit panels

    Insert light effects to add magic to the mandir, especially to light it up on a festive day. You can add fairy lights at the back or small hologram lights that will reflect the holy symbols. An artificial panel with lighting will help in lighting up the mandir to make the gods visible.

    For a profoundly impactful mandir design in home, the important thing is to follow the design aesthetics that match one’s taste and cultural beliefs. You can create your modern designs, too, to integrate the mandir design with the home décor.

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