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    13 Best Pizza in Hamilton You Must try

    These days, comfort food is highly sought after, and a great pizza is the pinnacle of comfort cuisine. We’re lucky, since pies from Hamilton are being serve throughout the city.

    Both its Ottawa and James Street North restaurants serve the same delectable. Contemporary take on Italian food, including a ton of really amazing pizzas that come in standard and family sizes.

    You Should Try  Caro’s mushroom pizza, which features truffle butter, forest mushrooms, pickled onions, & cheese on a honey crust, is a standout item here. In this article you will get everything about Best Pizza in Hamilton, you Must try. So keep reading!


    For an authentic New York slice experience, visit this east-end pizzeria when you’re in the mood. You’ll be transporte to pizza nirvana by the traditional decor, including black and white chequere floors and old wall photographs.

    Enjoy an order of hot, fresh Nodini as you wait for the cheese on your slice to melt in the oven (pizza dough balls, slather in olive oil, serve hot with a side of marinara sauce for dipping).


    Undoubtedly, they make deep dish pizza correctly because the original proprietor started producing it in Windy City. You can select between the thin crust, deep dish loaded pizza or the standard crispy crust. Although baking takes 30 minutes, the wait is worthwhile.

    The renowned Stuffed Pizza is a must-try. It is prepared in a deep dish pan, stuffed with cheese & sauce, and sealed with yet another layer of dough. Italian sausage, green pepper, and mushroom are all included in the Chicago Special.


    Wood-fired Pizza is a specialty of Toronto’s The Good Son restaurant’s chef and former Top Chef contestant Vittorio Colacitti. His Bologna oven and Abruzzo olive oil combine to produce a delicious, genuine pie. The eatery is also renown for its raw bar (think sea bream and steak tartare).

    Try the Monte Pollino for something sweet and peppery. A well-liked combination is crispy pig cheek with roaste pineapple and pickled habaneros. For more heat, ask for chili oil.


    Since 1978, Valentino’s has been making pizza (and craft beer since 2012). They introduce panzerotti to the city first and today provide personal-sized pizzas, an amazing Valentino’s salad, and a variety of many other homemade Italian delicacies.

    Order the panzerotti, a handmade dough fille with sauce, cheese, and toppings that are deep-fry or bake and serve with a delightful sauce.


    Sasso encourages you to “Mangia,” and pizza is the recommend fare. The seasonal menu features unusual pairings like The Nutty Pig and San Francisco (cured fish, fennel, roasted red peppers, capers, and olives) (maple bacon, leeks, mozzarella, and walnuts).

    The paper-G’S, one of Sasso’s famous “as,” which is toppe with pepperoncini, pecorino, rapini, garlic, and sausage, is the best way to beat the cold. Choose from five homemade dips to go with it.


    The stone-bake pizzas are the highlight of this restaurant’s diverse menu. Pizzas are made with the best ingredients, just like everything else on the menu. Although the pizza menu is constantly changing (some unique possibilities include pierogi pizza and umami pizzas), you can always create your own. 

    The Vampire Slayer is a popular dish toppe with white sauce, mozzarella, brie, garlic, lemon, and arugula.


    CIMA Enoteca, an Italian restaurant on Locke Street specializing in pizza and freshly cook pasta, makes traditional Neapolitan-style wood-oven pizza the right way. It’s a good place for a date because of the lovely, contemporary interior and the open view of the kitchen.

    Take a bite of La Cima, made with mascarpone, fior di latte, roasted garlic, coppa di parma, pecorino romano, arugula, chili flakes, lemon-olive oil. Bellissimo!


    You’ll think you’re eating pizza right out of your nonna’s kitchen when you’re here. The weekly specials are a fantastic deal, and the pizza is truly delicious.

    Must-try: Under the Tuscan Sun, a spicier take on the Margherita, contains fresh spinach, feta cheese, Bronzie’s pesto, and juicy tomatoes.


    This restaurant only serves take-out, but if you want a uniquely Hamilton experience, order one of these renowne slabs. The bakery offers hot items in their Stoney-Creek del. Famous cheese-free slab pizzas, distributed throughout the city in white boxes. Roma’s slab pizza, distinctly Hamilton, is made only with bread and sauce (no cheese!).


    Wood-fired Neapolitan pizza is serve in an open kitchen at this Hamilton Mountain restaurant, locate on Carmen’s first floor of the C Hotel. Any pizza may be order as a calzone. You can serve it with house-made sauces, including truffle aioli, Baci spicy dip, and lime sriracha aioli.

    It’s essential to try Baci’s wonderfully prepare Margherita, which features mozzarella, fior di latte, and fresh basil on the tomato foundation.


    This pizza parlor and sports bar is famous for take-out and is a casual lunch spot. Create your master pie on the thin or regular crust or try the Man vs. Eat a 16-inch Attic Special pizza in less than 45 minutes, and it’s on the house. Only 45 persons, it appears, have completed the task since 2003.)

    Devil’s Punch Bowl pizza, named after our neighborhood waterfall on an adjacent escarpment, is covered with pepperoni, chilies, bacon, jalapenos, mushrooms, & Frank’s hot sauce for those who enjoy spice.


    Hamilton is the first to have this Barton Street favorite (and anywhere). Hawaiian cocktails with a Tiki bar influence are serve with Detroit-style pizza (imagine large rectangular dough with cheese straight to the edge for a crispy crust and innovative toppings like pickles and bacon ranch). Finally together!

    Must Try: Special mention should be made of the restaurant’s sides and fries. Try their mouthwatering parmesan or ketchup waffles and finger-licking excellent Korean-inspired wings.


    Some of the best pizza in Hamilton is produced at this little Mountain pizza stand. They have the classics (pepperoni and Margherita) covered and make them quite well, as well as a few lovely new creations, like their widely-liked GG (Garlicky Greens) pizza. 

    To avoid disappointment, place your order as soon as possible. Should Try: With a fiery taste and toppings like pineapple, popcorn chicken, and toasted peanuts, their signature Cowabunga pizza lives up to its name. It works!

    Final Verdict

    Vegans are ecstatic. A vegan pizzeria has opened in Hamilton, producing pies such as Pesto Ricotta and Spicy Taco with plant-based ingredients or vegan alternatives for cheese and meat toppings.  They even provide vegan (seitan) wings in addition to a wide variety of creative subs and wraps.  Choose their Plant Power Pizza, topped with fried tofu steaks, broccoli, chickpeas, mushrooms, & roasted red peppers, for a pie you can feel good about.

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